Lexicon: swift – Swiss

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swift (-ly), adv. [see swift, adj.]

  1. Quickly; hurriedly.
  2. Covering a great distance in a short period of time.

swiftness, n. [see swift, adj.]

Quickness; speed.

swim (-ing, swam), v. [OE.]

  1. Travel progressively over water by means of moving hands and feet.
  2. Float; be supported by the water.

swimmer (-s), n. [see swim, v.]

Natator; one who moves to stay above water.

swimming, verbal adj. [OE.]

Wet; tear-filled; blurred because of emotion.

swindle (-d), v. [OE 'to be slow, to waste away, to dwindle, to decrease, to disappear'.]

Cheat; defraud.

swindler (-s), n. [Ger. 'giddy-minded person, extravagant projector esp. in money matters, cheat'.]

Cheat; rogue.

swing, n. [see swing, v.]

Something suspended which hangs loose and is used for someone to swing in.

swing (-ing, -s, swang, swung), v. [OE 'to scourge, chastise, beat up, to fling, to hurl, to throw oneself around, to fly'.]

  1. Move to and fro.
  2. Wave.
  3. Move through constantly.
  4. Brandish; exhibit.
  5. Propel; cause to move swiftly.
  6. Hang suspend.
  7. Dance; move to a rhythm.

Swiss, proper adj. [Fr. Suisse < MHG Swit, Schweitz.]

Like Switzerland; as a neutral country; [fig.] peaceful; tranquil; confined; confident; [synonym] New Englandly; (see ED letters).