Lexicon: strictly – striving

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strictly, adv. [see strict, adj.]

  1. Closely; tightly; exactly; with accuracy.
  2. Rigorously; severely; without remission.

striding, verbal adj. [OE < strive 'to set the legs wide apart, to take steps'.]

Straddling; walking with long steps.

strife, n. [see striding, adj.]

  1. Exertion; fight for survival; physical effort; struggle for victory.
  2. Opposition; contrast; [fig.] noise; cacophony; buzzing sound of various entities.

strike (-s, stricken, struck), v. [OE 'pass lightly over a surface, to go, wander, rove, stroke, beat'.] (webplay: stream).

  1. Touch; cause to ring; hit with force to make a sound.
  2. Indicate.
  3. Pitch; put in place.
  4. Play; strum; resound.

string (-s), n. [OE; L. stringěre, to bind, draw tight.]

  1. Cord; sinew; tendon; nerve; [fig.] piece of resonant fiber stretched across a musical a instrument.
  2. Strand; thin cord; small rope; natural fiber.

string (strung), v. [see string, n.]

  1. Decorate; adorn; furnish; encircle.
  2. Hang up.

strip (-ped), v. [ME 'to plunder, to skin, chastise'.] (webplay: stripe).

Pull apart; remove covering; tear in pieces; [fig.] rob; burglarize; deprive of power.

stripe, n. [see strip, v.] (webplay: strike).

Arch; band of color; long narrow division between two fields.

strive (-n, -s, striving, strove), v. [OFr estriver, to quarrel, to contend.]

Struggle; work; endeavor; make effort; exert oneself.

striving, verbal adj. [see strive, v.]

Struggling; reaching; straining; trying to hold on.