Lexicon: stiffly – stimulant

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stiffly, adv. [see stiff, adj.]

Solemnly; seriously; firmly.

stiffness, n. [see stiff, adj.]

Serious mood; formal situation.

stifle (-d), v. [Poss. OFr 'smother' or ON 'to damn up (water)'.] (webplay: suppressed).

Subdue; quell; repress.

stigma, n. [L. < Gk. 'mark made by pointed instrument, brand, to prick, to puncture'.]

Marked or noted reputation.

stile, n. [OE 'to climb'.]


still (-er, -est), adj. [OE 'to be fixed, stand'.] (webplay: air, evening, lie, man, quiet, sea, sound, stand).

  1. Quiet; calm; peaceful; tranquil; serene; without commotion.
  2. Motionless; stationary; inactive.
  3. Apathetic; unconcerned; indifferent; disinterested; neutral.
  4. Silenced; subdued; [fig.] chastened; reproved; confounded; shown to be wrong.
  5. Unobtrusive; inconspicuous; unnoticeable; silent; unexpressive.
  6. Resolute; steadfast; stalwart; steady; determined; unswerving.

still, adv. [see still, adj.] (webplay: away, cheer'd, run, see).

  1. Up to the present; until a specified time but not indefinitely.
  2. Perennially; unfailingly; invariably; repeatedly but not continuously.
  3. Always; continually; ceaselessly; perpetually; incessantly; forever; continuously; without a break.
  4. Yet; not now; some time in the future.
  5. Nevertheless; notwithstanding; regardless; all the same.

still (-s), v. [OE 'to make or become still, to soothe, calm, to temper, moderate, tune, to walk with measured noiseless steps'; see still, adj.] (webplay: noise).

  1. Appease; assuage; placate; satiate; silence.
  2. Occupy; engage; busy; captivate; engross.
  3. Suspend; efface; disperse; dissolve; evanesce; cause to disappear; make to vanish.

stillness, n. [see still, adj.] (webplay: air).

  1. Lack of emotion; absence of expression; placidity; composure.
  2. Calm; quietude; complacency; peace; repose; lack of commotion.

stimulant (-s), n. [see stimulate, v.]

An object that quickens the energy and strength of one's heart, etc.