Lexicon: shore – shout

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shore (-s), n. [OE 'land washed by the sea, sea-marsh'.]

  1. Coast; land adjacent to the water; [fig.] heaven; promised land; life after death.
  2. Roost; perch; nest; resting place; [fig.] destination.
  3. Disembarking site; landing place; [phrase “Pizarro's shore”] Peru; South America; [kenning] paradise; new world.
  4. Land; [metonymy] nation; country; state; commonwealth.
  5. Boundary; border; edge; frontier; portal; [fig.] threshold between dimensions of existence.
  6. Haven; safe place; [fig.] prop; support.

shore (-ed), v. [ME 'prop, stay'.]


short (-er, -est), adj. [OE 'to lack'.] (webplay: brief, extent).

  1. Small in quantity; not lengthy in duration; having few people participating.
  2. Smallest; tiniest; less in height, length, depth, breadth, or distance.
  3. Simple; minor; not exaggerated; not grand in scope; [fig.] natural; primal; elemental.
  4. Temporary; ephemeral; transitory; [fig.] temporal; mortal.
  5. Quick; not taking much time.
  6. Brief; quick in passing; not long in duration.
  7. Not permanent; [fig.] insignificant; inconsequential; with lasting effect.
  8. Abrupt; sudden; [fig.] angry; severe; rudely brief.
  9. Less in term; not as long; fewer in minutes, hours, days, or years.
  10. Instantaneous; concise; terse.
  11. Too little; not long enough.
  12. Phrase. “shorter than”: not as long ago as; lesser in time when compared to.
  13. Phrase. “short way off”: not long ago.
  14. Phrase. “short way off”: at a small distance away.

shorten (-ed), v. [see short, adj.]

Diminish; make less long; enable to seem less lengthy.

shortness, n. [see short, adj.]

  1. Brevity; curtailment; downsizing; limited interval of time; [fig.] transience; fleetingness.
  2. Diminuendo; decrescendo; diminishing interval; small period of time; [fig.] moment; minute; instant; hour.

shot, n. [see shoot, v.]

  1. Archer; bowman; shooter; one who launches arrows with a bow; [fig.] gunman; sniper; sharpshooter; [metaphor] deadly moment.
  2. Missile; projectile; act of shooting; [fig.] hit; mark; shock; wound; injury.
  3. Blow; bang; spike; explosion; detonation; recoil; reverberation; repercussion; ballistic impact; [fig.] wince; stroke; aneurism; cerebrovascular accident; [metaphor] crisis; death; mortal wound; critical condition.
  4. Blast; flak; impact; attack; [fig.] blight.
  5. Arrow; sharply-pointed projectile.
  6. Gunshot; assault with a weapon.

should (sh'd, should'nt), v. [see shall, v.]

  1. Might; will; could; is going to; [conditional or subjunctive modal auxiliary.]
  2. Would; if it happens that.
  3. Look to; appear to.
  4. Happen to not.
  5. Need; must; ought to; had better.

shoulder (-s), n. [OE; represents a dual.]

  1. Uppermost arm joint; top of the arms; place where the arm meets the body's trunk near the neck; each of the two right-left corresponding upper portions of the human body.
  2. Support; upper story; that which elevates and sustains; [fig.] wall; bulwark; rampart; buttress; scaffold.
  3. Horizontal bank; rectangular projection of a thing.

should'nt, v. [see should, v. and shall, v.]

shout (-s), n. [ON 'a taunt'.]

  1. Hurrah; cheer; bravo; vocal applause.
  2. Yell; loud call; high volume burst of noise; [fig.] bird song.