Lexicon: shout – shrank

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shout (-ed, -s), v. [see shout, n.]

  1. Yell; speak with encouragement; [fig.] leap; jump up.
  2. Cry aloud; make noise; utter suddenly with a loud voice; [fig.] make birdsong.
  3. Preach; proclaim; declare in a loud voice.
  4. Project vocally; call loudly.

shouting, verbal adj. [see shout, n.]

Rejoicing; singing aloud; [fig.] colorful; vibrant; blooming; full-blown; [metaphor] noticeable; attractive; admirable; overwhelmingly beautiful.

shove (-d), v. [OE scúfan.]

Push; thrust.

show (-'s, -s), n. [see show, v.] (webplay: audience, displayed, phantom, view).

  1. Carnival; circus; elaborate exhibition; event held in a portable building with a charge for admission; [fig.] atmospheric display; sunrise, sunset, or aurora borealis.
  2. Spectacle; exhibition; facade; window dressing.
  3. Appearance; awakening; presence; coming into consciousness.
  4. Performance; public presentation; [fig.] marvel; wonder; miracle.
  5. Panorama; scene; vision; vista.
  6. Drama; play; theater staging.

show (-ed, -eth, -ing, -n, -s, shewn, shown), v. [OE sceawian, to look, to see.] (webplay: disclose, displayed, know, led the eye, offered, offering, proof, prove, reveal, see, teach, view).

  1. Record; attest; document; prove; witness; testify.
  2. Exhibit for; display for; present to view for; allow for someone to see.
  3. Display; present.
  4. Exemplify; reveal.
  5. Teach; model for; provide the pattern for.
  6. Appear; look; seem.
  7. Demonstrate; explain; make evident; cause to be clear.
  8. Introduce; accompany; parade; present formally to a royal audience; [fig.] boast; show off.
  9. Replicate; publicly suffer; become subjected to; be proved by; manifest willingness to endure.
  10. Direct; counsel; advise; correct; point out error to.
  11. Render; represent; depict; picture; paint; portray; indicate.
  12. Market; advertise; present for sale.
  13. Expose as; unmask as.
  14. Lead; escort.
  15. Typify; approximate; manifest; represent symbolically.
  16. Divulge; disclose; uncover; release; [fig.] make vulnerable.
  17. Raise; put up for display.
  18. Illuminate; elucidate; highlight.
  19. Exist for a time; live for a while.
  20. Behave with; act according to.
  21. Sprout; bloom; blossom; unfold; unfurl leaves and petals.
  22. Phrase. “show … the way”: guide; lead; direct to the right course.

shower (-s), n. [OE scúr, fit of illness, storm.] (webplay: rain).

Downpour; deluge; cloudburst; outpouring of water from above.

showing, n. [see show, v.]

Manifestation; symbol; token; emblem; display.

showman, n. [see show, v. + man, n.] (webplay: displayed).

Magician; master of ceremonies; one who exhibits a show.

showy, adj. [see show, v.]

Striking; conspicuous; impressive; visible; obvious; eye-catching; [fig.] colorful; vivid.

shrank, v. [see shrink, v.]