Lexicon: spice – spirit

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spice, v. [see spice, n.]

Make enticing.

spiceless, adj. [see spice, n.]

Lacking in fragrance; without zest.

spicy (spice), adj. [see spice, n.]

  1. Fair; sweet.
  2. Aromatic; fragrant; full of spice.

spider, n. [OE; see spin, v.]

Arachnid insect; six-legged insect possessing the power of spinning webs to catch its prey, figuratively having attributes of cunning, skill, industry, and deadly poison.

spigot, n. [L. espiga, ear of corn.]

Faucet; plug; stopper; cork; bung; release; outlet for liquid in a container; small wooden peg for the vent-hole of a barrel; piece to control the flow of water; [fig.] controls; restraint.

spikenards, n. [L. spīca + Heb nēr'd'.]

, Fragrant herb; aromatic substance obtained from an Eastern plant, employed in ancient times in the preparation of a costly ointment or oil.

spill (-ed, -s, spilt), v. [OE.] (webplay: small, wind).

  1. Scatter; shed; spend.
  2. Splatter; discharge; send out; [fig.] fire; flash; shoot.
  3. Lose; waste; miss; [fig.] forget.
  4. Pour; tip; toss off; cause to fall; [fig.] blow down.
  5. Leak; pass; overflow; slip away.
  6. Overturn; empty.

spin (-ning, -s, spun), v. [OE; see span, n.] (webplay: thread).

  1. Revolve; rotate; twirl; whirl; gyrate; turn on an axis.
  2. Fabricate; prepare material for (a fabric or garment).

spire (-s), n. [OE 'sprout, shoot, sprig'.] (webplay: breathe, fiery, god, thing).

  1. Tapering tree-top.
  2. Tall church steeple; pinnacle of a building.
  3. Summit; peak; tall, sharp-pointed rock.
  4. Fire; elongated tongue of flame.

spirit (-'s, -s), n. [Fr. < L.] (webplay: body, soul).

  1. Soul; heart; essence of a being; center of feeling.
  2. Immaterial intelligence of man, independent of the body.
  3. Disposition o f the mind; temperament; ardor; passion; [fig.] strength; vigor; determination.
  4. God; Christ; Holy Ghost.
  5. Vigor of intellect.