Lexicon: solitary – somebody

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solitary, adj. [L.] (webplay: alone).

  1. Lonely; destitute of company.
  2. Isolated; abandoned; not inhabited; remote from society.
  3. Single; alone; independent; self-reliant; as one.

solitude, n. [OFr.]

  1. Loneliness; state of being alone; [fig.] quiet; stillness; absence of noise.
  2. Remoteness; absence from society.
  3. Seclusion; privacy.
  4. Distance; isolation; state without company.

solo, n. [L. solum.] (webplay: lone).

Single; alone; one; celibate.

solstice, n. [OFr. 'sun standing still'.] (webplay: day, January, June, sun, summer, time, winter).

Midsummer; June 21st; longest day of the year; turning point in the calendar year; time in summer when the sun ceases to recede north from the equator in the summer; [fig.] glory; refulgence; fullness of light; [metaphor] restoration.

solve, v. [L. 'loosen, dissolve'.]

  1. Unfold.
  2. Explain; resolve; clear up.

sombre, adj. [Fr., origin uncertain.] (webplay: dusk, light, twilight).

  1. Serious; thoughtful; sober; solemn; grave; pensive; [fig.] not yet enlightened; [metaphor] cloudy; misty; hazy; nebulous; sheltered; dwelling in the shadows.
  2. Gloomy; dull; sullen; dusky; melancholy; [fig.] shady; shadowy; depressingly dark.

some, adj. [OE.]

  1. An undetermined day in the future.
  2. Unspecified amount, a part of, not all.
  3. A place or person worthy of consideration, a remarkable one.
  4. Unspecific person; just one person among all the people.
  5. A portion.
  6. A few, a number of.
  7. Approximately; about.
  8. A different one, another.
  9. An unspecified one, one among all, one, any.

some, adv. [see some, adj.]

A little; for a moment; more or less.

some, pron. [see some, adj.]

  1. One place or one person, an undetermined and unknown one.
  2. An unspecified number of persons, a few persons, not all.
  3. Person; unspecified number of persons.
  4. A portion, indeterminate part, a few (except people).
  5. Phrase. “Some like”: something like; a word similar to; how to approximate the pronunciation of the name.

somebody (-'s), pron. [see some, adj. + body, n.]

  1. Anyone; anybody; someone; at least one person.
  2. Someone special; a specific person.