Lexicon: sunder – superficies

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sunder, v. [see sunder, adj.]

  1. [Fig.] to cut through; to cut down.
  2. To divide; separate; [fig.] separation of the body and soul after death.

sundown, n. [poss. shortening of sun-go-down or sun-gate-down; see sun.]

Sunset; dusk.

sunny, adj. [see sun, n.]

  1. Like the sun; bright.
  2. Cheerful; genial.

sunrise (-'), n. [see sun, n. + rise, v.]

Rising, or apparent ascent above the horizon, of the sun at the beginning of the day; time when the sun rises; opening of day.

sunset (-'s, -s), n. [see sun, n. + set, v.]

  1. Setting, or apparent descent below the horizon, of the sun at the end of the day; close of the day.
  2. Decline of a period; close of an era.

sunshine, n. [ME 'glossing, mirror'.]

  1. Solar disk.
  2. Sunset glow.
  3. Cheerfulness; good disposition; restoration of spirit.
  4. Radiant light; bright atmosphere; golden glow of the sun; direct sunlight uninterrupted by cloud.
  5. Daylight; [fig.] happiness; prosperity; favorable influence.
  6. Warmth and light from the earth's solar star; [fig.] good weather.
  7. Cold winter daytime weather.
  8. Golden hue; bright yellow color.
  9. Phrase. “The Sunshine threw his Hat away”: the sunlight reappeared after a storm; [personification] the sun came out from the clouds.

superb, adj. [L. 'proud, superior, distinguished, magnificent'.]

Grand; magnificent; splendid.

supercilious, adj. [L. 'eyebrow, ridge, summit, haughtiness'.]

Overbearing; lofty.

supercilious, adv. [see supercilious, adj.]

Haughtily; pridefully; contemptuously.

superficies, v. [L. super, upon + facies, face.]

Lengthens; surfaces.