Lexicon: servile – seven

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servile, adj. [L 'slave'.] (webplay: base, end, given, state).

Ignoble; low; mean; inferior; substandard.

session (-s), n. [Fr. < L. sed─ôre, to sit.]

  1. Term; semester; school year; [fig.] period of time; stage of development; degree of experience.
  2. Meeting; gathering; reunion; congregation; convocation; solemn assembly.

set (-s, -test, -ting), v. [OE 'to sit'.] (webplay: about, above, action, adjust, adorn, behold, below, best, birds, book, cease, come, compass, darken, day, deceive, despise, diamond, discourse, distances, distinctions, down, duty, ease, east, equal, erect, estate, eternal, eyes, faces, fall, farm, father, features, feet, fine, fire, firmament, fit, floor, found, free, fully, gentleman, God, ground, growth, heads, heart, hill, hour, house, infinite, inspector, institute, irritate, judgment, know, lay, liberate, life, looking, lover, man, natural, noise, north, object, observe, offer, order, own, painful, pass, place, plant, power, price, prove, quiet, recollect, regard, rest, rule, school, sea, search, seat, see, separate, ship, side, situation, shelf, space, standing, stars, state, stop, street, sun, table, team, time, town, tree, truth, value, way, westward, Winter, words, work, world, worst).

  1. Step; dance; [word play] fit to music; adapt with notes.
  2. Display; array; arrange; [phrase “set the fashion”] establish as a trend.
  3. Make; cause to become.
  4. Congeal; become fixed.
  5. Decline; appear to be going down on the horizon; sit lower on the horizon at end of day.
  6. Put; place; pose; position; send; arrange; appoint; order; [fig.] cause; allow to happen.
  7. Exhibit; present; stage; lay out for viewing.
  8. Determine; define.
  9. Give; pose; present with.
  10. Regress; retrogress; begin to move away.
  11. Rest; fix; remain; stay permanently.
  12. Land; approach the earth; [fig.] crash; fall; [antonym “set off”] rise; take off.
  13. Mark; etch; delineate.
  14. Decline; pass below the horizon; [fig.] die; come to an end.
  15. Mold; shape; form; [fig.] make manifest; cause to be visible.
  16. Consider; name; perceive; regard; identify; recognize.
  17. Locate; situate.
  18. Finish; end.
  19. Furnish with dishes and other utensils for dining.
  20. Plant; cause to stand.
  21. Phrase. “set … at liberty”: liberate; emancipate; [fig.] dismiss; release; enable to leave.
  22. Phrase. “set … away”: save; reserve; put by; store out of sight for future use.
  23. Phrase. “Set separate”: take away; move apart; [fig.] take by death; place in the grave; lay in the tomb; fix in the ground.
  24. Phrase. “set … up”: erect; adjust; ground; cause to stand; place on a firm foundation.
  25. Phrase. “arise and set”: ascend and descend; go up and go down; [fig.] come and go repeatedly; appear and pass away continuously.
  26. Phrase. “set down”: station; post; put in place.
  27. Phrase. “set … in”: restore; return to proper place; return from a fractured state.
  28. Phrase. “set … down”: stop; settle; arrive.

setting, verbal adj. [see set, v.] (webplay: birds, cloud, come, crown, day, ease, eternal, fool's, God, ground, horse, house, know, natural, pass, place, play, quiet, recollect, sea, school, stop, sun, sunset, task, town, truth, way, westward).

  1. Descending; sinking; going down; appearing to move below the horizon; [fig.] declining, dying.
  2. Diminishing; losing attention; passing out of recognition.

setting, verbal n. [see set, v.] (webplay: apart, best, contemn, eyes, faces, infinite, lover, man, natural, sea, sea, stone, sun, power, put, separate, standing, sportsmen, stone, sun).

  1. Departure; farewell; parting; leave-taking; going away.
  2. Darkness; evening; nightfall; going down; sinking towards the horizon; [fig.] decline; ending; nearing death.
  3. Ending; finishing; termination; conclusion; expiration.

settle (-d, -s), v. [OE 'seat, place of rest'.] (webplay: accounts, adjust, before, cease, change, child, colors, differences, firmly, frost, house, inhabitants, just, life, limited, mind, motion, natural, paid, place, possession, runs, short, sighs, spring, succession, suffer, thick, thoughts, time, town, tranquilize, uncertain, waver, way, west).

  1. Locate; get situated; cease migrating; stop wandering; adopt a fixed place of residence.
  2. Lodge; come to rest.
  3. Colonize; people; furnish with inhabitants.
  4. Balance; adjust an account by a money payment.

settlement, n. [see settle, v.] (webplay: before, house, inhabitants, place, town).

Colony; village; small community established in a new place; [fig.] early cemetery; small cluster of graves.

settler (-s), n. [see settle, v.] (webplay: before, house, inhabitants, mind, period, place, residence, rudiments).

Pioneer; colonizer; person who fixes permanent residence in a new place.

seven, adj. [OE seofon.]

Six plus one; cardinal number represented by the symbols 7, VII, or vii.

seven, n. [see seven, adj.]

Phrase. “half past seven”: 7:30 p.m.; 19:30 on the clock; the time of nightfall in the evening.