Lexicon: surgeon – surplice

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surgeon (-s), n. [Afr.]

Medical specialist; doctore who performs surgery; physician who heals by manual operation.

surgery, n. [OFr.]

  1. Branch of medical science; practice of healing the body by manual operation.
  2. Cutting; removing a diseased part; act of healing that repairs an ailment in the body by manual operation.

surly, adj. [altered spelling of “sirly”.]

Gloomy; dark; sullen.

surly, adv. [see surly, adj.]

Gloomily; sullenly; roughly; violently.

surmise, n. [see surmise, v.]

  1. Suspicion; thought that something might be.
  2. Distrust.
  3. Dream; hopeful imagination; longing; fantasy.

surmise (-d), v. [AFr 'to accuse'.]

  1. Guess; estimate; judge.
  2. Suspect; distrust.
  3. Dream; imagine wistfully.

surmising, adj. [see surmise, v.]

Awaiting; expecting.

surpass (-ed, -es, -ing), v. [Fr. 'to pass'.]

  1. Excel.
  2. Exceed in value or importance; be better.
  3. Be worse, more serious, or weightier.
  4. Lower something's value; make something less important.
  5. Make something less difficult; relieve.

surpassing, adj. [see surpass, v.]

Excellent; magnificent.

surplice, n. [AFr super + pellicia, fur garment.]

Garment worn over one's regular dress, like that of a clergyman.