Lexicon: supplant – suppress

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supplant (-ed, -ing, -s), v. [L. 'to trip up, overthrow'; sub + planta, the bottom of the foot.]

Replace; overtake; better; surpass.

supple (-st), adj. [OFr < L. 'bending over, submissive, suppliant'; sub + plicāre, to fold.]

  1. Soft; pliable; weak; breakable; easy to bend.
  2. Compliant; agreeable; unobtrusive; unassuming; subtle.

supplement (-s), n. [see supply, n.]

Addition; enhancement.

supplicate (supplicating), v. [L. sub + plicare, to bend.]

Pray; plead; petition; humbly ask.

supply, n. [L. sub + pleo, to fill.]

Provision; store; reserve; reservoir; well.

supply (supplied, supplies), v. [see supply, n.]

  1. Provide; attend to; take care of; [fig.] refill; replenish; keep full.
  2. Reward; furnish; impart.
  3. Bestow; give what is wanted; provide with what is needed.
  4. Satisfy; satiate; gratify.

support (-ing, -s), v. [L. sub + portare, to convey, to carry.]

  1. Reassure; nourish; sustain; back.
  2. Hold up; [fig.] act like a foundation.

suppose (-d), v. [L. sub + poser, to represent.]

  1. Believe; think; assume.
  2. Conclude; expect; presume.
  3. Predict; speculate; imagine.
  4. Guess; reckon; surmise.

supposition, n. [L. 'to suppone'.]

Belief; conjecture; assumption; expected truthfulness of things.

suppress (-ed), v. [L. sub and preměre, to press.]

Control; hold back; keep under.