Lexicon: slake – slave

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slake, v. [OE, 'relax, diminish, to give away'.] (webplay: to slake thirst).

  1. Drink; partake of.
  2. Satisfy; quench.
  3. Extinguish; add water to; give liquid to; [fig.] illuminate; give light to.

slam, v. [Poss. Sw. slamra.]

Beat; dash; crash.

slant, adv. [ME a-slonte + -ing.]

Indirectly; obliquely; periphrastically; euphemistically; with circumlocution; [fig.] sensitively; reverently; respectfully; with solemnity.

slant, n. [see slant, adv.] (webplay: slanting ray of light).

Shaft; column; reflection; beam; diagonal ray.

slant (-ed, -s), v. [see slant, adv.]

Move; turn; slope; shine diagonally; appear at an oblique angle.

slanting, adv. [see slant, adv.]

Sloping; obliquely; at an angle.

slash, n. [see slash, verbal adj.] (webplay: cut).

Slice; slit; diagonal line; sharp-edged stroke; long narrow cut; [fig.] break in a cloud formation that reveals brilliant color.

slashing, verbal adj. [OFr esclachier, to break.] (webplay: cut).

Slanting; moving sharply at a diagonal angle; [fig.] thrashing; violent.

slate, n. [OFr esclate, splinter, shiver, piece broken or split off, to burst.]

Tablet; smooth surface for writing on; schoolchild's tool used to do lessons on; small flat board used to write out and solve problems.

slave, n. [OFr esclave, identical with the racial name Sclavus.] (webplay: toil).

Servant; retainer; maidservant or manservant.