Lexicon: spread – spry

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spread (-s), v. [OE; origin uncertain.] (webplay: cover, fast, God, ground, known, open, place, stretch, table, yards).

  1. Unfold; open; unfurl; extend; stretch; lay out; flatten out.
  2. Lie; display; reveal.
  3. Set; arrange; establish; prepare.

spreading, verbal n. [see spread, v.] (webplay: wide).

Phrase. “spreading wide”: extension of; expansion of; stretching out of; reaching out with; broadening of the space between.

sprig, n. [origin obscure.]

Twig; shoot; spray of a plant, tree, or shrub.

sprightly, adj. [see spirit, n.]

Full of vivacity; cheerful; lively.

spring, n. [OE.] (webplay: appear, April, back, close, day, drawn, exist, fly, fright, ground, grow, hand, joy, king, light, March, mind, mine, quickly, right, rise, season, seed, shoulder, soul, sudden, tree, window).

  1. Season of renewal that comes once a year after winter; season characterized by warm days, flowers, and birds singing; the interval from March to June in New England.
  2. Water source; [fig.] rebirth; resurrection; new life; season of renewal.
  3. Youth; time of energy, growth, vigor.
  4. Paradise; the garden of Eden; a desired state of being.
  5. Creek; fountain; small river.

spring (sprang, sprung), v. [OE.] (webplay: back, enter, grow, hand, leap, stag).

  1. Rebound; bounce back; move up again after intense downward pressure; thrust upward, like a sword; [fig.] arise; resurrect.
  2. Proceed; find origins; rush forth.
  3. Come suddenly; come quickly; appear suddenly.
  4. Fly; take off in flight; lift off.

sprinkle (-d, -s), v. [Du.]

Disperse; distribute; lightly dust; powder; scatter in drops.

sprite, n. [OFr esprit; see spirit, n.]

Small, supernatural elf-like creature.

sprout, v. [OE.]

Grow; shoot up; spring forth; send out buds.

spry, adj. [obscure origin.]

Active; nimble; vigorous; smart; brisk; full of health and spirits.