Lexicon: dimity – dingle

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dimity, adj. [see dimity, n.]

Soft; smooth; describing clothing made from cotton cloth; [fig.] simplistic; weak in argument.

dimity (dimities), n. [ME < It. dimito, course cotton or flannel, linzie-wolzie.]

White cotton cloth.

dimly, adv. [OE; see dim, adj.] (webplay: bright, cloud, faint, grow, powers).

  1. Faintly; feebly; indistinctly.
  2. Sadly; somberly; with emotion.

dimmer, adj. [see dim, adj.] (webplay: each, fog, light, sight, view).

Cloudier; obscurer; dull.

dimness, n. [OE; see dim, adj.] (webplay: bright, fog, indistinct, mist, old).

Darkness; obscurity; dusk; [fig.] lack of clear apprehension; (see Isaiah 9:11).

dimple (-s), n. [ME.] (webplay: cheek, face, little, other, smiling).

  1. Interval; hole; space; inconsistency.
  2. Indentation; small cavity on the cheek.
  3. Imprint; impression; engravement.

dimpled, adj. [see dimple, n.] (webplay: form).

  1. Rough; coarse; disheveled; traveled.
  2. Empty; unproductive; hollow.

din, n. [OE dyne; cf. Skr. dhûni, roaring, torrent.] (webplay: ears, sound).

Loud noise; clamor; uproar; tumult.

dine (-s), v. [ME < late L. disjejūnāre, breakfast.] (webplay: between, dining, dinner, feast, have, higher, life, noon, people).

Eat; partake; consume.

dingle, n. [origin uncertain.]

Ravine; narrow valley between hills.