Lexicon: dingy – direction

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dingy, adj. [origin uncertain.]

Dark, dreary, weighty.

dining, adj. [see dine, v.] (webplay: between, dine, dines, life, noon, people).

Eating; consuming; feasting.

dinna, v. [Scottish for “do not”; see do, v.] (webplay: thou).

Did not (see Burns “Here's to Thy Health”).

dinner, adj. [see dinner, n.]

Pertaining to the meal.

dinner, n. [ME; see dine, v.] (webplay: dine, have, meal, noon).

Principle meal of the day in late afternoon.

dip, n. [see dip, v.]

  1. Arc; swing; slant; tipping motion; [fig.] reverberation.
  2. Baptism; immersion; inundation; flood; deluge; bathing completely in water; [fig.] basin; bowl; font.

dip (dipped, -s), v. [OE dyppan.] (webplay: finger, horizon, short, string, time).

  1. Sail; sink; dive; plunge; swoop.
  2. Sweep; drop quickly; move downward suddenly.
  3. Put; place; rest; immerse; douse; mix; mingle; [fig.] touch; feel; (see Genesis 37:31).
  4. Curve; arc; arch; swerve; slope.
  5. Slip; slide; incline; move below the horizon.
  6. Bow; lower; tip down.

dipping, verbal adj. [see dip, v.]

Sailing; plunging; diving; swooping; immersing; moving up and down through the air.

direct, adj. [Fr. < L. dīrigere, straighten, direct, guide.] (webplay: safety, straight, transact, way).

  1. Open; unambiguous; overt; forthright.
  2. Straight; frank; forward; to the point.

direction, n. [L. dīrectiōn-em.] (webplay: all, Bible, written).

Rule; order; governing; instruction.