Lexicon: disturb – diversion

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disturb (-ed), v. [ME < L. disturbāre, throw into disorder.]

Provoke; agitate; make uneasy; upset the balance.

ditch (-es), n. [OE díc; see dike, n.]

Trench; receptacle; dike; dug-out; place for refuge in warfare; place for refuse; (see Psalms 7:15).

ditty, n. [ME < L. dictāt-um, thing dictated, lesson, exercise.] (webplay: sung, tune).

Simple song; lyric; tune similar to the expressive and restorative power of poetry.

dive, v. [OE dýfan, dip, submerge.] (webplay: pearl, soul).

Swoop; plunge deeply into something; search a subject deeply; [fig.] hunting for pearls alludes to the Bible's pearls which should not be cast before swine.

diver (-'s), n. [see dive, v.] (webplay: pearl, plunge).

One who plunges; swooping bird of the genus Colymbus.

diverging, verbal adj. [mod. L. dīvergere, bend, turn, incline.]

Receding; swerving; deviating; departing from each other.

diverse, adj. [L. dīversus.]

Various; mixed; different; diversified; (see Leviticus 19:19).

diversified, verbal adj. [see diverse, adj.]

Various; contrasting; mixed; assorted.

diversify, v. [OFr diversifie-r < med. L. dīversificāre, render unlike.]

Differ; vary; enlarge upon or develop a subject.

diversion, n. [med. L. dīversiō.]

Distraction; divergence; deterrent in battle; move which deceives the enemy and renders him weak.