Lexicon: deathless – decade

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deathless, adj. [see death, n.] (webplay: breast, fame, land, name, tree).

Immortal; endless; not subject to dying; never to be forgotten; [fig.] eternal.

deathlessness, n. [see death, n.] (webplay: body, God, pleasures, property, soul).

Immortality; eternal life.

debar (debarred), v. [Fr. débarrer < OFr desbarer, unbar.] (webplay: no).

  1. Deprive; obstruct; hinder; hamper; harshly shorten.
  2. Exclude; block; cut off; keep out.
  3. Deny; withhold; refuse; prohibit; keep back.

debase (-s), v. [see abase, v. and base, adj.] (webplay: should).

  1. Humble; mock; depreciate; decry; vilify; make to feel inferior; lower in position, rank, or dignity; (see Isaiah 57:9).
  2. Overpower; mock; surpass.

debate (-s), n. [ME debat; see debate, v.] (webplay: different).

Disagreement; argument; disputation; fruitless inquiry; (see 2 Corinthians 12:20).

debate (-d, -s), v. [OFr debat-re < Rom. batt-ere, fight; see abate, v.] (webplay: parties, thy).

  1. Argue; discuss; have a conflict; hesitate in the presence of opposition; [fig.] weigh the consequences.
  2. Hesitate; waver; pause; fluctuate; vacillate; move up and down; go back and forth between two points; [fig.] sink; drop; descend; back away; [word play on “beat”] stir; flutter; move the wings in flight.
  3. Deliberate; consider; determine; [fig.] weigh; mete; measure.

debauchee, n. [Fr.]

  1. Drinker; imbiber; connoisseur; [fig.] one who keenly enjoys; creature who deeply appreciates; [kenning, “Debauchee of Dews”] bee; flying insect that collects pollen to make honey.
  2. Drunkard; habitual partaker; creature with excessive thirst; [fig.] seducer; profligate; pillager; plunderer; despoiler; [kenning, “Debauchee of Dew”] hummingbird.

debonnaire, adj. [OFr debonaire < phrase de bonne aire, of good disposition.]

Genteel; courteous; gracious; pleasant; [fig.] gentle; forgiving; cheerful; [metaphor] Christ-like; [phrase “Be debonnaire”] do not wilt; keep your head up; be of good cheer.

debt, n. [ME det < pop. L. debita, owed or due.] (webplay: contracted, paid, renders).

Something due; obligation; [fig.] liability to repay Christ; (see Matthew 6:12).

decade (-s), n. [Fr. < Gk. δεκάς, group of ten.]

Ten year period of time.