Lexicon: droughtless – drug

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droughtless, adj. [see drought, n.] (webplay: growth, thirst, water).

The opposite of arid or dry; plentiful; moisture-rich; no limit to a source of liquid or water.

drown (-s, -ed, -ing), v. [ME droun-; origin obscure.]

  1. Muffle; obscure; overwhelm; overpower; saturate; immerse; plunge; (see Exodus 15:4).
  2. Surround; replace one thing with another; (see Song of Solomon 8:7).

drowned, verbal adj. [see drown, v.]

Muffled; overpowered; immersed.

drowning, verbal n. [see drown, v.]

Deadly inundation; fatal immersion; suffocating under water; choking when submerged in water.

drowse, n. [see drowse, v.]

Drug; opiate; sleep medication; cause of slumber; [fig.] exhaustion.

drowse (drowsing), v. [OE drĂºsian, sink, become low, slow, inactive.]

Sleepwalking; walking slowly but continually; moving with effort; trodding despite pain or numbness.

drowsiest, n. [see drowsy, adj.]

Time of death; loss of consciousness; moment before sleep; transition period between life and death.

drowsiness, n. [see drowsy, adj.] (webplay: unsoundly).

Sleepiness; exhaustion; (see Proverbs 23:21).

drowsy, adj. [see drowse, v.] (webplay: sleep).

Sleepy; lethargic; dreamy; resting; somnolent; [fig.] downward; setting; declining.

drug, n. [ME < Fr. drogue; ulterior origin uncertain.] (webplay: demand).

Narcotic; medicine that alters moods; healer; panacea.