Lexicon: dying – dynasty

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dying, verbal adj. [see die, v.] (webplay: away, death, expiring, fading, given, life, love, perishing).

  1. Perishing; failing; [fig.] closing; losing the sense of sight.
  2. Terminal; departing; in the process of losing life.
  3. Last; final; ultimate; closing; expiring; given during one's last breath.

dying, verbal n. [see die, v.]

  1. Extinction; passing away; [word play on “dyeing”] tinting; coloring with dye; [fig.] fading into the sunset; glowing with many colors as sunlight diminishes at dusk.
  2. Perish; pass away; departing; expiring.
  3. Death; departure from mortality; the process of losing life; the spirit leaving the body (see Numbers 17:13).
  4. Emotional extinction; loss of all feelings.
  5. Terminally ill person; someone at the end of life.

dynasty (dynasties), v. [Fr. dynastie, domination.] (webplay: kings, power).

Lordship; sovereignty; regime; succession of sovereigns in one line of descent; length of time during which one family is in power.