Lexicon: dissent – distant

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dissent (-ing), v. [see dissent, n.]

Protest; object; rebel.

dissipate, v. [L. dissipār-, spread abroad, scatter, disperse.]

Squander; fade; dispel.

dissolute, adj. [L. dissolvěre, loosen, disunite, dissolve.]

Depraved; unrestrained; immoral.

dissolution, n. [Fr. or L. dissolvěre, break up, dissolve.] (webplay: death, man, world).

  1. Diminution; degeneration; disappearance.
  2. Death; decease; termination of life.

dissolve (-s, -d, -ing), v. [L. dissolv-ere, loosen asunder, disunite.] (webplay: separation, wasted, weight).

  1. Disappear; [fig.] die; expire; perish; cease to exist; (see Psalms 75:3).
  2. Melt; dissipate; disperse; convert from solid to liquid; [fig.] transform; change gradually.
  3. Liquify; weaken.
  4. Liquidate; [fig.] kill; cause to die; [metaphor] sacrifice.
  5. Eclipse; erase; blur; conceal; hide; make invisible; cause to fade by effusion of intense light; [fig.] extinguish; reduce to nothing; (see Isaiah 34:4).
  6. End; finish; resolve; withdraw; retire; run out; pass away; with time.
  7. Vanish; fade; (see Daniel 5:16).
  8. Fall apart; break down; become annihilated; be subject to destruction by natural or human causes; (see Isaiah 24:19).
  9. Disband; be annulled; become void.
  10. Separate; break into parts; [fig.] tear; shred; unravel; (see Isaiah 14:31).
  11. Disintegrate; decay; decompose; (see 2 Corinthians 5:1).
  12. Go away; depart; subside.
  13. Liquify; break apart gradually; melt into a solution; (see 2 Peter 3:11-12).
  14. Absorb; assimilate; engross; consume; devour; (see Job 30:22).

dissuade, v. [L. dissuādē-re, advise from or against.]

Discourage; deter; prevent by persuasion.

distaff, n. [OE; LG diesse, bunch of flax + OE stæf, staff.]

Cleft staff of a spinning wheel that holds the flax or tow and from which the thread is drawn; (see Proverbs 31:19).

distance (-s), n. [OFr < L. distāntia, standing apart, separation, remoteness, difference.] (webplay: angle, becoming, behind, common, enemy, field, great, haughtiness, heaven, hour, leave, natural, periods, place, separation, sun, time, view, world, year).

  1. Aloofness; remoteness; detachment; formality; objectivity.
  2. Inaccessibility; unavailability; succession.
  3. Abstention; abstinence; fasting; scarcity.
  4. Chance; possibility; far from actuality.
  5. Length; stretch; interval; space between two objects.
  6. Withdrawal; transfer; separation from loved ones; moving to another dimension.
  7. Difference; reserve; coldness; aloofness; alienation of heart.
  8. Lifetime; experiences of life.
  9. Extent; span of time.

distant, adj. [Fr. < L. distānt-em, standing apart, separate, different.] (webplay: behind, bloody, course, crown, heart, heaven, hour, leave, natural, ran, shy, slight, small, succession, time, two).

  1. Further; far away; [fig.] other; alternate.
  2. Remote; far off; [fig.] not of this world.
  3. Not near; not close; [fig.] heavenly; unearthly.
  4. Future; hereafter; paradisaical; other-worldly; in the next life; pertaining to the afterlife.
  5. Aloof; untouchable; unapproachable.
  6. Unconnected; dissociated; foreign; alien; extraneous; immaterial; futile; ineffectual; not related.
  7. Formal; [fig.] unseen; invisible; unknown; [irony] shy; reclusive; secluded.
  8. Separate; distinct; apart; isolated; divided physically; removed in place; in a different realm.
  9. Elusive; unrecoverable; far gone; [fig.] delirious; incoherent; comatose; unconscious; unresponsive.
  10. Strange; exotic; unnatural; unexpected.
  11. Unfamiliar; uncommon.

distant, adv. [see distant, adj.]

Far; distantly; remotely; unreachable; out of reach.