Lexicon: drinker – drought

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drinker, n. [see drink, v.]

  1. Sipper; imbiber; partaker.
  2. Phrase. “Gentile Drinker”: communicant; participant in the Last Supper; [fig.] disciple; apostle; follower of Christ; convert to the faith (see Acts 9:15, 10:9-45, 13:47-48, 15:3).

drip, v. [OE dryppan.] (webplay: drops, house, water).

Leak; soak; drench; spill slowly; flow steadily; fall in drops.

dripping, verbal adj. [see drip, v.]

Wet; saturated; drenched with a liquid.

dripping, verbal n. [see drip, v.] (webplay: water).

Moisture; wetness; trickle; drop; ooze; dribble.

drive (-n, driving, drove, -s), v. [OE dríf-an.] (webplay: business, country, greater, hurry, man, room, times, trade, wood).

  1. Expel; evict; clear a place; (see Genesis 4:14).
  2. Remove; compel to move; urge forward; (see 2 King 4:24).
  3. Burrow; move slowly; lower to the ground; (see Job 13:25).
  4. Fall in drops; cascade from the sky as snow or rain.
  5. Transport as in a carriage; leave permanently; (see Job 24:3).

drop (-s), n. [OE dropa.] (webplay: cease, cloud, come, eaves, fall, favor, God, gold, leave, lower, nothing, old, rain, sea, stone, tree, water).

  1. Jewel; gem; pendant; diamond earring; [fig.] moment; time; season; [metonymy] muse; poetic fluency; flow of beautiful language.
  2. Small quantity; minute amount of a drink; [fig.] medicinal remedy.
  3. Drip; dribble; globule; spherical bit of fluid; (see Job 36:27).

drop (-ped, -ping, -t), v. [OE dropian.] (webplay: body, cease, coach, come, companion, dew, diamond, die, ear, earrings, eaves, fall, fashion, God, gold, grave, hanging, heavens, leave, lower, moment, nothing, old, possession, pour, rain, ripe, sail, sea, spherical, stone, suddenly, utter, word).

  1. Collapse; faint; pass out; lose consciousness.
  2. Spill; tumble; fall spontaneously; (see 1 Samuel 14:26).
  3. Suddenly become.
  4. Descend; dive; plunge; plummet; sink down; move lower; fall into oblivion; [fig.] hit the bottom.
  5. Adjust; ebb; relax; conform; come to be; arrive unexpectedly.
  6. Change; transform without warning; [fig.] die; fade; pass away.
  7. Beam down; shine towards the earth.
  8. Utter slightly, briefly or casually; insert indirectly; (see Job 29:22).
  9. Release purposely; allow to fall; (see Deuteronomy 33:28).
  10. Quit; let go of; lose; give up; discard; dismiss; lay aside.
  11. Move away from; fall away.
  12. Lower down; hand down; let drop; [fig.] forget.
  13. Descend upon; distill; (see Deuteronomy 32:2; Isaiah 45:8).
  14. Place upon; leave with; set down.

dropt, adj. [past tense of drop, v.]

dross, n. [OE drós; husks of grapes, lees, dregs.]

Waste matter; refuse; worthless matter separated from a pure source; (see Psalms 119:119).

drought, n. [OE drúgað, dry.]

Dry; arid in climate; lacking rain or moisture; (see Genesis 31:40).