Lexicon: Caspian – cat

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Caspian, proper n. [L. < Gk Caspii, white.] (webplay: between, sea).

  1. Lake; reservoir; [fig.] destiny; inevitable destination; [personification] Iranian; Persian; Cushite; person who lived south of the Caucasus Mountains; [metaphor] prince; tsar; gentleman.
  2. Largest lake in the world; great inland sea; body of water located in northern Iran; sea of commerce for Russia.

casque, n. [see cask, n.]

Helmet; piece of armor to cover the head; [fig.] body; person; [word play on “casket”] coffin.

cast ('s), n. [see cast, v.] (webplay: away, form, forming, garment, life, light, little, place, sight, small, view).

Statue; icon; image; plaster mold; clay likeness of a human being; [fig.] corpse; cadaver; dead body.

cast, v. [ME cast-en < ON kasta, to cast, throw, cf. kös, pile, heap thrown up.] (webplay: among, away, distance, down, extend, eye, find, first, guess, leave, lie, look, make, motion, out, passed, ship, touch, trick, turn, up, whatever, wind).

  1. Fling; hurl; sling; throw; toss.
  2. Move; cause to move; carry from one place to another.

castanet, n. [Sp. < L. castanea, chestnut.] (webplay: chestnut).

Music-maker; small percussion instrument; rattle composed of two concave shells that are struck together with the fingers; [fig.] loud noise; harsh call; staccato sound; rhythmic bird call.

caste, n. [Sp. and Port. casta, race, lineage, breed < L. castus-a, pure, unpolluted (related to chaste).] (webplay: class).

Race; ethnicity; hereditary class; social order; tribal identity; group of the same rank.

castle, n. [taken into Eng. two different times: (1) before A.D. 1000 < L. castell-um < Gk κώμη, village; (2) A.D. 1050-1070 ONFr 'castle' < L. castellum, fort, fortress.] (webplay: above).

  1. Dwelling; [fig.] world.
  2. Body; [fig.] consciousness; spirit.
  3. Fortress; palace; [fig.] grave; tomb.

casual, adj. [Fr. < L. cassu-s, fall, chance; occurrence; see case, n.] (webplay: pass, without).

  1. Informal; unpretentious; unadorned; plain; [word play with “cause”] predictable; inevitable; spontaneous; naturally occurring; bound to happen.
  2. Common; ordinary; familiar.

casually, adv. [see casual, adj.]

Fortuitously; incidentally; by chance; [fig.] socially; informally.

cat, n. [the ME and mod. corresponds at once to OE cat and ONFr cat. The name is common European of unknown origin.] (webplay: living, rats, same).

Feline; well-known four-legged house pet; domesticated animal that hunts mice.