Lexicon: crescent – crime

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crescent, adj. [see crescent, n.]

Small; thin; diminished; not complete; not a full moon; increasing or decreasing; waxing or waning; [fig.] ageing; getting older.

crescent, n. [ME cressant < L. crēscěre, grow, increase.] (webplay: gold, half, king, moon, name, power, rim, sun).

  1. Dome; sky; horizon; arch of atmosphere; visible section of the earth's curve; portion of the heavenly circumference that surrounds the world; [fig.] horoscope; time frame; temporal zone of humans on earth and constellations in space; [metaphor] domain above the grave where the moon waxes and wanes.
  2. Partial form; lesser light; [fig.] lesser potential.
  3. Wave; ripple; ridge; crest; undulation; [fig.] moment; short period of time.
  4. Light source; [fig.] face; countenance; [metaphor] appearance; presence.
  5. Sliver of light; [fig.] belief; particle of faith; mortal perception of Deity.
  6. Waxing or waning moon; smaller portion of moonlight; [fig.] incompleteness; restrictedness; fraction of the possibilities; part of a larger whole.
  7. Fraction; curve; [fig.] petal; pollen receptacle; delicate part of a flower; [metaphor] opportunity for intimate contact.
  8. Flag; standard; ensign; [fig.] face; head; [metonymy] physical body; mortal frame; shell of existence; resemblance of who a person once was.
  9. Piece; bit; whit; tiny amount; small part of a larger whole that once existed; [fig.] memory; remnant; remainder.
  10. Growth cycle; [fig.] returning season.

crest (-s), n. [ME < L. crista, tuft, plume.] (webplay: grow, head, spirit, top, worn).

  1. Badge; emblem of nobility; symbol of authority; mark of prestige; insignia of a royal family; physical representation of high status; [fig.] royal character.
  2. Top; summit; highest point; [fig.] success; ascension; moment of excellence; emotional high point.

crested, verbal adj. [see crest, n.] (webplay: head).

Adorned; decorated; topped with an erect plume of feathers; [fig.] wearing an ornament that indicates high status.

crevice (-s), n. [ME crevace < L. crepāre, creak, rattle, crack]

Gap; rift; crack; fissure; space between two parts.

crew (-s), n. [OFr creue, increase, augmentation, reinforcement; see accrue, v.] (webplay: herd, seamen, ship).

  1. Seamen; mariners; workers; men responsible for manning a ship.
  2. Group; [fig.] cloud; sunset formation.

crib (-s), n. [OE < MHG krebe, basket.] (webplay: child).

  1. Bed; box.
  2. Cradle; container; [fig.] coffin; casket.

cricket (-s), n. [OFr.] (webplay: low).

Chirping insect; small grasshopper-like creature of the Gryllidae family.

crier (-s, -'s), n. [ME criere; see cry, v.] (webplay: joy, lost, voice).

Announcer; messenger; courier; reporter; one who tells news to a village; officer who makes public announcements in a community.

crime, n. [Fr. < L. crīmen, judgement, accusation, offence.] (webplay: God).

Wrongdoing; misconduct; transgression; violation of law; illegal act; punishable behavior.