Lexicon: contentment – contra

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contentment (-'s), n. [Fr.; see content, adj.] (webplay: gain, secur'd).

Calm happiness; inner peace; satisfaction of mind; mental and emotional rest.

contest (-ed), v. [Fr. < It. contestare, strive, debate < L. contestārī, take or call to witness.]

Dispute; challenge; fight over; compete for; contend for in rivalry; have a disagreement concerning ownership or authority.

contested, verbal adj. [see contest, v.]

Disputed; debated; challenged; argued over; contended about; not agreed upon.

continent (-s), n. [L. continent-em, holding together, connected, continuous, holding oneself in, self-restraining, restraining passions; see contain, v.] (webplay: sea).

  1. Cloud; air mass.
  2. Mainland; land mass; large area of earth's crust; continuous expanse of land unbroken by ocean; land in general, as opposed to water; [fig.] domain; reign; territory; area over which one has power.
  3. Container; receptacle; [fig.] kingdom; country; empire.
  4. Phrase. “Undiscovered Continent”: land mass that ancient explorers and early mariners were seeking; [fig.] soul; hidden essence of one's being.

contingent, adj. [Fr. or L. contingent-em, touching together or on all sides, lying near, coming into contact or connection, happening.]

Accidental; inadvertent; uncertain; conditional; unplanned; haphazard; by chance; liable to change; not fixed by necessity; not controlled by fate; relying on some outside source.

continual, adj. [ME < OFr; see continue.]

Constant; consistent; unceasing; perpetual; frequently recurring; at regular intervals.

continual, adv. [see continual, adj.] (webplay: cessation).

Always; constantly; perpetually; regularly; without ceasing.

continually, adv. [see continual, adj.] (webplay: day, year).

Constantly; perpetually; regularly; incessantly; without ceasing.

continue, v. [Fr. < L. contenir, hold.] (webplay: know, time).

  1. Endure; persevere; be constant; remain the same; keep its usual characteristics; fulfill its customary purposes.
  2. Prolong; maintain; support; cause to last; help to endure; keep in the same role.

contra, adv. [L. con- with, together + tra, bear, drag.]

Against; counter; conversely; contrarily; in opposition; in reverse.