Lexicon: cloud – clumsy

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cloud (-s), n. [OE; same root as clod, mass formed by agglomeration, cumulus.] (webplay: air, bodies, brow, colors, day, earth, fog, rising, sky, stones, varied, vast).

  1. Visible condensed water vapor; mass of condensation floating in the air above the ground; [fig.] high place.
  2. Heavens; celestial regions.

clouding, verbal adj. [see cloud, n.]

Gloomy; sullen; obscuring; becoming dim.

cloudy (cloudier), adj. [see cloud, n.] (webplay: fog, obscured).

Dim; obscure; opaque.

clove, verbal adj. [see cleave, v.]

Split; cleft asunder; divided lengthwise; cut in half down the middle.

clover (-s, -'s), n. [ME claver.] (webplay: bee, cattle, grass, flower, honey, live).

Trefoil; three-leafed plant; favorite plant of the bee for pollination; [fig.] luxury; high living.

clown, n. [16th c. < NFris. klönne, clumsy lout, lumpish fellow.]

Rustic; peasant; countryman; man of course manners.

cloy, v. [Aphetic form of acloy < OFr encloye-r < late L. inclāvā-re, to drive in a nail; see clog, v.] (webplay: satisfy).

Satiate; surfeit; gratify beyond desire.

club, n. [ME.] (webplay: death).

Heavy stick; piece of wood used for beating; [fig.] violence; physical force.

clue, n. [OE clew; Ariadne's ball of thread that led Theseus through the labyrinth of King Minos on Crete.]

Skein; yarn; string; line; twine; [fig.] suggestion; hint; cue; key; guideline; that which points the way; [metaphor] silkworm's thread; caterpillar's strand for spinning a cocoon.

clumsy, adj. [ME < EFris. klömen, numb with cold.]

Dull; slow of understanding; lacking mental perception; wanting keenness of perception; dull in the senses; not quick in intelligence.