Lexicon: convey – convulsive

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convey (-ing), v. [OFr con + veie < L. via, way.] (webplay: air, bear).

  1. Transport; carry; conduct; move from one place to another.
  2. Send; give; deliver; impart; communicate.

convict (-ed, -s), v. [L. convict-, stem of convinc-ere; see convince, v.] (webplay: convince, heard, prove, show).

Prove guilty; convince of error; impress with a realization of wrongdoing.

convicted, verbal adj. [see convict, v.] (webplay: acknowledge, proving, sentence, show, tribunal).

  1. Condemned; proven guilty; convinced of wrongdoing.
  2. Indicted; legally prosecuted; found culpable; declared guilty in a court of law.

conviction (-s), n. [L. convictiĊn-em; see convict, v.] (webplay: evidence, heard, prove, truth).

  1. Judgment; value; standard; personalized set of beliefs; [plural form] scruples; manners; [pejorative] prissiness; hypocrisy; self-righteousness.
  2. Condemnation; the proving or finding one guilty of an offence.
  3. Sure knowledge; strong belief; something of which one is convinced.
  4. Certainty; fortitude; fearlessness; strength; a surety of one's correctness.

convince (-d), v. [L. convinc-ere, overcome, conquer, convict, demonstrate.] (webplay: convict, God's, prove).

Persuade; convert; cause to accept; induce to acknowledge.

convinced, verbal adj. [see convince, v.]

Sure; certain; firmly persuaded.

convincing, verbal adj. [see convince, v.] (webplay: proof).

Persuasive; believable; trustworthy; authoritative.

convoy (-ing), v. [Fr.; see convey, v.]

Escort; attend; guard; accompany for protection.

convulsion, n. [L. convulsion-em.]

  1. Spasm; seizure; involuntary and irregular contraction of the muscles.
  2. Tumult; commotion; turmoil; upheaval; [fig.] agony; anguish; writhing caused by torture.

convulsive, adj. [L. convulsiv-us.]

Agitated; unsteady; trembling; shaky; [adverbial] in agony; with anguished movement.