Lexicon: consecrate – consolation

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consecrate (-d), v. [see consecrate, adj.] (webplay: God).

  1. Ordain; choose; set apart; dedicate for a purpose.
  2. Bless; sanctify; set apart; make holy; declare to be sacred; (see Hebrews 10:20).

consecrated, verbal adj. [L. consecrāt-us < consecrā-re, dedicate, devote as sacred, deify.] (webplay: gold, rank, sacred, solemn).

Blessed; sacred; holy; set aside for special religious ritual; set apart with prayer as an element of the Eucharist, Communion, Sacrament, or Last Supper.

consecutive, adj. [Fr. < L. consecūt-, follow closely, pursue, overtake.]

Sequential; serial; continuous; uninterrupted; at regular intervals.

consent, n. [ME consente; see assent, v.] (webplay: dwell, power).

Acceptance; approval; voluntary acquiescence; being in accord; having one heart and one mind; agreement with what another proposes or desires; [phrase “Consent of Language”] mutual understanding; loving communication through the philological power of words; [fig.] Logos; the Word; [metaphor] Jesus Christ (see John 1:1); condescension of God to offer His Son to save humans from physical and spiritual death (John 3:16); [kenning “Consent of Language”] charity; poetry more powerful than the “tongues of men and of angels” (1 Corinthians 13:1); pure and perfect communion through the love of God (see Zephaniah 3:9 “For then will I turn to the people a pure language, that they may call upon the name of the Lord, to serve him with one consent”).

consent (-ed, -ing), v. [OFr < L. consentīre, feel together, agree, accord, harmonize.] (webplay: exist, mind, time).

Acquiesce; agree; assent; [fig.] let go; give in; [metaphor] relinquish the spirit; give up the ghost; die without a struggle; willingly lay down one's life.

consequence, n. [Fr.] (webplay: death, die, felt, influence, know).

Importance; distinction; significance; extensive influence.

consider (-ed, -s), v. [Fr. < L. consīderāre, look at closely, examine, contemplate the stars.] (webplay: heart, mind, think, single).

  1. Value; think of; care about; regard with fondness; treat with consideration; make allowance for.
  2. Contemplate; ponder; reflect upon; think about seriously.

considered, verbal adj. [see consider, v.]

Believed; deemed; regarded; thought to be.

consign (-ed), v. [Fr. < L. consignāre, to furnish, mark, attest with a seal.] (webplay: death).

Sentence; deliver; legally commit; seal with finality; hand over formally with a sense of permanence.

consolation, n. [Fr. < L. consolation-em, consoling, comfort; see console, v.] (webplay: cheer, mind).

Comfort; solace; relief; alleviation of misery.