Lexicon: candle – canvas

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candle (-s), n. [OE < L. cande-re, to shine.] (webplay: Lord).

  1. Light; radiation; [fig.] sunlight; (see Job 29:3).
  2. Lamp; firelight; cylindrical tube of wax with a burning wick that gives off light for a long period of time; (see Proverbs 31:18).
  3. Star; source of light; luminary in space; [fig.] vision; revelation; illumination; divine life force; spirit of enlightenment; (see Revelation 22:5).
  4. Sunset; dusk; time when people use artificial light sources.

candor, n. [L. 'dazzling whiteness, purity, sincerity'.] (webplay: heart).

  1. Fairness; sincerity; equity; virtue; [fig.] sensitivity; purity of motive; earnest desire to be kind; just manner of comportment; disposition to treat another respectfully.
  2. Frankness; openness; honesty; [fig.] reality; mortality; factual aspects of life.

cane (-s), n. [ME canna < Semitic 'reed'.]

Staff; stave; wooden rod; hand-held pole; walking stick; long slender support used to assist with mobility; [fig.] tree trunk; forest scenery.

cannon (-'s), n. [Fr.; see cane.]

Weapon; war device; large gun barrel; long iron tube used for firing large projectiles; [fig.] powerful force.

cannot (cant), v. [see can.; negated modal auxiliary.]

  1. Be physically unable to.
  2. Be incapable of.
  3. Be unable to do effectively.
  4. Be impotent to.
  5. Should not; ought not to; be obligated not to.
  6. Seem unbelievable to; appear impossible to.
  7. Be unwilling to; be emotionally unable to.
  8. Phrase. “cant I”: can I not? [negated tag question for affirmative emphasis] surely; certainly I can.

can'st, v. [see can, v.; second person singular verb form; inflected not contracted, but ED uses an apostrophe.]

cant, v. [see cannot; contracted form.]

Can not.

canticle, n. [L. canticum, song.]

Canto; hymn; anthem; song; division of a song; psalm by St. Francis of Assisi, who praised all living creatures and aspects of creation; [fig.] Catholic mass; funeral service; [metaphor] cricket noise; chorus of insect sounds.

canton (-s), n. [OFr 'corner, portion of country, part of a shield'.]

Parcel; tract; share; lot; acreage; portion; quarter; subdivision; area of land; small piece of ground; people that live in a particular territory; independent government district in Switzerland; [fig.] cloud; star; constellation; extra-terrestrial body; solar system; heavenly domain; celestial dwelling place.

canvas, n. [ME < L. cannabaceus, hempen.]

  1. Screen; surface for displaying colors; material for used for oil painting; [fig.] dome; vault; atmosphere; firmament.
  2. Fabric; material; tissue; [fig.] skin.