Lexicon: circumscribe – city

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circumscribe (-s), v. [L. circumscribere, to draw a line around, encompass, limit, confine.]

Bound; confine; limit; form a boundary.

circumscription, n. [L. circumscrīptiōn-em < circumscrībere, draw a line around, encompass, confine.] (webplay: limits).

Boundary; delimitation; restraint; restriction; well-defined border; [fig.] composition; poetry; record-keeping; act of writing about things.

circumspect, n. [L. circumspectus, looking around; Fr. circonspect, or L. circumspect-us, considerate, wary, cautious.] (webplay: natural).

  1. Vigilance; watchfulness; alert attention to well-being; [fig.] scope; scene; compass; vista; prospect; panorama.
  2. Sensible ones; prudent persons; people who pay attention to everything.

circumstance (-s), n. [OFr < L. circumstantia, standing around, surrounding condition.] (webplay: action, escape, estate, natural, place, property).

  1. Fact; case; proof; testimony; witness; legal argument; piece of evidence; [fig.] consequence; result.
  2. Reality; actual situation; present condition; time, place, manner, cause, occasion, etc.; [fig.] mortality.
  3. Life; way of being; state of affairs.

circumvent, v. [L. circumvenire, surround, beset, deceive.]

Capture; surround; encompass by hostile stratagem; use wiles to prevail over.

circumvention, n. [see circumvent, v.]

Outwitting; prevailing over by wiles.

citadel (-s), n. [Fr. < L. civitat-em, little city: i.e., the smaller or inner fortified city.]

  1. Castle; palace.
  2. Temple; cathedral.
  3. Fortress; stronghold; bastion; tower which commands a city; [fig.] domain; sphere; world.

cite (-s), v. [Fr. < L. citare, move, excite, summon.] (webplay: appear, name).

  1. Witness; attest; testify of; give as an example.
  2. Mention; bring up; refer to; speak about.
  3. Quote; say; tell; state; declare.

citizen, n. [ME < L. civitat-em, city.] (webplay: distinguished, hold, inhabitant, qualities, trade, town).

  1. Denizen; inhabitant; occupant; member of a city, state, or any other place; [fig.] mortal; deceased loved one; occupant of a grave.
  2. Landowner; distinguished person; lady or gentleman
  3. Creature; wight; thing; being; entity.

city (cities), n. [ME cite < L. civitat-em, city.]

Village; community; large town; place where many people live; large number of houses and inhabitants.