Lexicon: commonly – compact

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commonly, adv. [ME comonlich; see common, adj.] (webplay: owner).

Usually; normally; ordinarily.

commonwealth, n. [< commonweal, orig. two words: common + weal, OE wela, well-being, prosperity.]

Republic; dominion; principality; government; state where the power is vested in the people.

commune, v. [ME < OFr comune-r, to make common, share; see common, adj.] (webplay: common, Lord's, sacrament, supper).

Communicate; meet; associate; enjoy each other's company; [fig.] partake of the sacrament; eat the Lord's supper together; (see Luke 24:15); [metaphor] pray together; see the face of the Lord in each other's countenance (see Exodus 25:22).

communicate, v. [L. communica-re, to make common to many, share, impart, divide; see common, adj.]

Converse; exchange thoughts; share information.

communication, n. [OFr co(m)municacion; see communicate, v.]

Discourse; exchange of ideas; sharing of knowledge; giving of information; [fig.] revelation; mutual understanding.

communion, adj. [see communion, n.] (webplay: believer, Sacrament).

Sacramental; Eucharistic; like the Last Supper; commemorating Christ's sacrifice.

communion, n. [Fr. communion or L. communion-em, mutual participation, fellowship, church communion, the communion of the holy altar < communis; see common, adj.]

Eucharist; Lord's Supper; religious meal of bread and wine; commemoration of Christ's sacrifice; [fig.] memorial; miracle; ritual; observance; ceremony; vision; epiphany; sacred rite.

commute, v. [L. commūtā-re, to change altogether, alter wholly, to exchange, interchange.] (webplay: death, exchange, less).

Exchange; interpolate; replace; substitute; switch; trade for another; [fig.] convert; transpose; alter the state of.

commuted, verbal adj. [see commute, v.] (webplay: death, place).

  1. Ransomed; redeemed; delivered; released from bondage; granted a lighter punishment instead of a death sentence; [fig.] saved; redeemed; forgiven.
  2. Changed; altered; transformed; transfigured; [fig.] restored; resurrected.

compact, n. [OFr < L. compact-um, agreement.] (webplay: contract, parties, speech, word).

Agreement; contract; pact; accord; understanding.