Lexicon: comply – comprising

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comply (complied), v. [L. complere, to fill up, fulfil, accomplish, complete.]

Obey; agree; fulfil; yield; act on request.

compose, v. [Fr. < late L. pausare, to cease, lie down.]

Create; constitute; make up; form a compound of.

composed, verbal adj. [see compose, v.]

  1. Constituted; made up of.
  2. Arranged; settled into place.

composer, n. [see compose, v.]

Musical artist; one who invents symphonies, operas, masses, etc.; [fig.] Creator; Maker; Poet God.

compound, adj. [ME < OFr < L.] (webplay: time).

  1. Additional; augmented; multiple; manifold.
  2. Complementary; having a dual nature; composed of two mutually beneficial parts.

comprehend (comprehend, comprehendeth), v. [L. comprehend-ěre, to grasp, seize, comprise.] (webplay: human, mind, nature, understand).

  1. Grasp; gather; take in; partake of; hold on to; [fig.] experience; drink; [metaphor] appreciate; value.
  2. Include; contain.
  3. Know; encompass; be aware of.
  4. Understand; grasp mentally.

comprehension, n. [see comprehend, v.] (webplay: grasp, human, mind, nature, spirit, statement, take, wise).

Understanding; consciousness; realization; recognition; acknowledgment.

comprehensive, adj. [see comprehend, v.]

Inclusive; total; all-encompassing.

comprise (-d), v. [Fr. < L. comprenděre; see comprehend, v.]

  1. Contain; include.
  2. Comprehend; understand.

comprising, n. [see comprise, v.]

Understanding; comprehension; ability to grasp.