Lexicon: chin – choose

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chin, n. [OE, corresponding to OS kinni, chin, jaw.] (webplay: below, cheek, face).

Lower part of the face; jaw below the mouth and the cheek.

chink, n. [Corresponds to mod. Du. and EFris. kinken; a word imitating the sound expressed.]

Clink; short sharp sound of money dropping together; high noise produced by coins striking one another.

chintz, n. [Hindi chīnt < Skr. chitra, variegated.]

Cotton cloth; fabric printed with designs of flowers in a number of colors; [fig.] blossoms; pinkish-white blooms; spread of lovely flowers.

chip (-s), n. [OE cippian, corresponds to EFris. kippen, cut, or MLG kippen, chip eggs, hatch.] (webplay: stone).

Fragment; bit; shard; small piece; fragment of a broken-off whole; [phrase “Chips of Blank”] fixed pupils; a frozen stare; an empty gaze.

chirping, verbal adj. [mod. Ger. zirpen, a parallel imitative word.]

Cheerful; babbling; happy-sounding; like birdsong.

chisel (-ed), v. [ONFr. < L. cisorium, cutting tool.] (webplay: carve, used).

Carve; cut away with a blade; shape with a sculptor's tool; sculpt marble by carving away rock; [fig.] silence; suppress; curb; diminish; decrescendo; cut off; reduce to pianissimo in volume.

chivalry (chivalries), n. [ME < L. caballāri-us, rider, horseman; compare It. cavalleria, knighthood, horse-soldiery, cavalry.] (webplay: arms, lands, sword).

Bravery; honor; courtliness; courtesy; [metonymy] a gentleman.

choice, n. [ME < Ger. kaus, try, test, prove, discern, perceive.] (webplay: choose, dead, life, judgment, mind, power, time, using).

  1. Decision; determination; resolution; position reached after consideration.
  2. Option; exercise of free agency; power to decide for oneself.

choir (-s), n. [ME < L. chorus, company of dancers, dance, company, band.]

Organized body of singers, usually in a church service.

choose (choosing, -s, chose, chosen), v. [OE céos-an.] (webplay: choice, imitation, life, out, power, preference, refuse, take, select, ways).

  1. Select; accept; welcome; receive in a covenant relationship (see John 15:16).
  2. Hire; employ.
  3. Invite; welcome to partake; prepare for crowning as a queen; [fig.] betroth; espouse; [metaphor] designate as an heir; encourage to enter into a covenant relationship; call to serve in the Kingdom of God; (see Matthew 12:18, 22:14; John 15:16).
  4. Prefer; favor; accept; receive; welcome.
  5. Elect; pick; select; make a choice from a number of alternatives.
  6. Want; wish; be inclined; have the desire.