Lexicon: cluster – cobweb

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cluster (-s), n. [OE.] (webplay: growing).

Bunch; bundle; clump; collection of things; fruits or flowers growing closely together; [fig.] harvest.

cluster, v. [see cluster, n.]

  1. Assemble; accumulate; collect closely; gather in a group.
  2. Bouquet; posy; nosegay; fascicle; bunch of flowers.

clutch, n. [ME; see clutch, v.] (webplay: clasp, hand).

Grasp; control; realm; [fig.] cognition; comprehension; understanding; mental scope; capacity for memory.

clutch (-ed), v. [ME clucche; ME cloke was gradually assimilated in form to clutch, to grasp with claws.] (webplay: hand).

  1. Grasp; clench; hold tightly.
  2. Snatch; grab; make an eager effort to seize.
  3. Hold; cling to; hang onto; [fig.] insist on; interrogate with; repeat over and over.

coach (-es), n. [16th c. < Fr. coche.] (webplay: borne, horses, vehicle).

  1. Mourning van; funeral vehicle; closed black wagon that carries a deceased person or mourners.
  2. Large carriage; vehicle for royalty; transportation for wealthy people; [fig.] cloud; snowstorm; winter wind.

coal (-s), n. [OE col.] (webplay: earth, fire, glowing).

  1. Carbon nuggets; solid hard black mineral used as fuel; carbonized vegetable matter deposited in former epochs of the Earth's history.
  2. Burning wood; [fig.] intense feelings; glow of emotion.

coast, n. [ME < L. costa, rib, flank, or side.] (webplay: sail, sea, shore).

  1. Shore; edge of land next to the sea.
  2. Beach; border of the sea; [fig.] home; [metaphor] heaven; paradise.

coat, n. [ME < Ger. kotze, a coarse shaggy woollen stuff.] (webplay: children, cloth, worn).

  1. Cloak; outer garment with long sleeves; covering for the trunk of the body.
  2. Integument; external shell; natural covering; something that forms a covering for another thing.
  3. Coating; outer surface.
  4. Garb; robe; uniform; clothing; vesture; [fig.] feathers.

coax, v. [Unknown origin; possibly < 'make a cokes of': fool, pet, gull.]

Wheedle; flatter; encourage; entice; persuade by persistent urging.

cobweb, adj. [ME coppeweb < coppe, spider; see web, n.]

Thin; flimsy; feeble; fragile.