Lexicon: console – consternation

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console (-d, -s), v. [Fr. < L. consōlāri, solace, soothe.] (webplay: grief).

Alleviate; ease; soothe; relieve; lessen.

consolelessly, adv. [see console, v.] (webplay: love).

Cheerlessly; hopelessly; lacking relief; without faith; not being able to be comforted.

consolidate (-s), v. [L. consolidāt- < L. consolidāre, make firm or solid; see solid, adj.]

Unite; condense; concentrate; solidify; intensify; come together; gain matter; become more substantial.

consort, n. [Fr. consorte, mate, fellow, partner, wife < L. consors, sharing property in common, sharer, partner, colleague, comrade.] (webplay: live, single, wed).

Spouse; mate; companion; intimate associate.

conspicuous, adj. [L. conspicu-us, visible, striking.] (webplay: eye, known).

Obvious; noticeable; pronounced; attracting attention.

conspire, v. [Fr. < L. conspīrāre, to breathe together, to accord, harmonize, agree, combine or unite in a purpose, plot mischief together secretly.]

Plot; scheme; contrive; combine to do evil; agree with others privately to commit some wrongdoing.

constancy (-'s), n. [L. constāntia.] (webplay: affection, love).

  1. Perseverance; resolution; unshaken determination; firmness of mind.
  2. Steadfastness; permanency; loyalty; faithfulness; allegiance.

constant, adj. [Fr. < L. constāns, standing firm, immovable, stable.]

  1. Consistent; regular; continuous; perpetual; routine.
  2. Steady; consistent; unchanging; unmoving; resolute; unyielding.
  3. Faithful; loyal; true.

constellation, n. [Fr.]

Stellar configuration; star formation; cluster of heavenly bodies; points of light in the night sky; mythological figure traced from the stars of the sky.

consternation (-'s), n. [Fr. < L. consternāre, affright, dismay.] (webplay: amazement).

Worry; astonishment; concern that confounds the faculties; terror that incapacitates a person.