Lexicon: counteract – countryman

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counteract, v. [compound of counter < ME < L contrā, against, in return + act < L. 'drive, carry on'.] (webplay: effects).

Offset; hinder; neutralize; reverse; reduce the effects of; defeat by contrary action.

counterfeit, adj. [OFr < L. contrā-facere, make in opposition or contrast, in opposing imitation.]

  1. False; artificial; feigned; not genuine.
  2. Substandard; lesser; inferior; deficient.

counterfeit (-s), n. [see counterfeit, adj.] (webplay: make, obtains, person).

  1. Imitation; forgery; false substitute.
  2. Imposter; fraud; pretender; imitation.
  3. Hypocrite; dissembler; phony; con artist; [adjectival] fake; unnatural; artificial; posturing.

counterpass, v. [compound of counter < ME < L contrā, against, in return + pass < Fr. < L. pass-us, step, pace, track.]

Pass by; cross over; move beside again; traverse in the opposite direction.

countess, n. [OFr contesse < L. comit-em, companion, title of dignity in the empire.]

Lady; gentlewoman; female count; wife of a nobleman; well-dressed woman of high status.

counting, verbal adj. [see count, v. and room, n.]

Phrase. “Counting room”: business; room where accountants work; place set aside for the business of bookkeeping.

countless, adj. [see count, v.] (webplay: sea-shore).

Innumerable; endless; many; too abundant to be measured.

country, adj. [see country, n.] (webplay: town, water, whole).

Rural; agrarian; rustic; pastoral; plain; simple; [kenning “Country Town”] village; settlement.

country (countries, -'s), n. [ME contre < late L. contrā, the landscape spread out before one.] (webplay: distance, foreign, friend, gentleman, heavenly, land, life, lying, resides, water, wept, whole).

  1. Nation; political state; native land.
  2. Region; district; area of land.

countryman (countrymen), n. [see country, adj. and man, n.]

  1. Citizen; compatriot; fellow inhabitant of a specific area.
  2. Rustic; simple person; rural dweller; one who lives on the land.