Lexicon: clearing – clerk

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clearing, n. [see clear, adj.] (webplay: mind, sound, tried).

  1. Meadow; field; area without trees; piece of land that has been deforested for cultivation.
  2. Emptiness; vacancy; void; vacuity; detachment.

cleavage, n. [see cleave, v.]

Cleaving; splitting; separation; rift; detachment; break down.

cleave (cloven, -s), v. [OE cliofan < Gk. gluf, to cut with a knife, carve.] (webplay: adhere).

  1. Split; slice; disjoin.
  2. Drop; fall away; separate from something.
  3. Phrase. “cleave away” leave; move; depart suddenly; [fig.] finish; fade; transform into the autumn season.

cleaving, n. [see cleave, v.] (webplay: fit, split).

Cleavage; splitting; separation; rift; detachment; break down.

clef, n. [Fr. < L. clav-em, key.] (webplay: key).

Musical key; system of notes; set of tones related to each other; scheme of chord progressions based upon a key-note; [fig.] transcription scheme; opening character on a musical staff; five parallel horizontal lines in which a piece of music is written; [metaphor] superscription; proclamation of Christ's royal status (see Mark 15:25-26; Luke 23:38).

clematis, n. [L. < Gk. klematis, some kind of climbing or trailing plant, probably periwinkle.]

Flowering plant; “Traveler's Joy”; twining shrub; vine with flowers that have a showy calyx, no corolla, and long feathery seed-vessels.

clemency, n. [L. clementia < clement-em, mild, placid, gentle.] (webplay: forgive).

Mercy; leniency; forgiveness; compassionate treatment; gentleness of temper; righteous use of power; mildness in the exercise of authority.

Cleopatra, proper n. [Gr. kleos, glory + pat─ôr, father, 'fame of her fatherland'.]

Cleopatra VII (c. 69-30 B.C.); beautiful queen of Egypt; woman who sailed down the Nile in a luxurious golden barge; tragic heroine of Shakespeare's play Antony and Cleopatra [see ED's letters]; [fig.] a powerful leader; a colorful persona; an elegant person who enjoys excess; [kenning “Cleopatra's Company”] resplendent golden sunset display.

clergyman (clergymen), n. [OFr clergie, clerkship.] (webplay: church, God, preach).

Preacher; pastor; parson; rector; member of a clerical order; ordained Christian minister of a Protestant church.

clerk (-s), n. [OE cleric, man in a religious order.]

Secretary; accountant; record-keeper; one employed in an office for keeping books.