Lexicon: control – convex

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control (-led), v. [Fr.; see control, n.] (webplay: command, force, opposition, superior).

  1. Win; rule; gain ownership of.
  2. Command; govern; direct; regulate; keep in check; have in one's power; have authority over; exercise restraint or direction upon the free action of.

controvertible, n. [L. controvertere, to turn against.]

Disputable issue; matter for questioning; uncertain piece of information; data that can be debated.

contusion, n. [Fr. < L. contūsiōn-em, crushing, bruising.]

Bruise; inner hurt; discoloration caused by an internal injury.

convalescent, adj. [L. convalescent-em, grow strong, recover health.] (webplay: health, sickness).

  1. Recovering; recuperating; mending; improving; regaining health; finding strength after debility.
  2. Healing; recovering; [fig.] afflicted; stricken; in need of further care.

convenient, adj. [L. convenient-em, agreeing, consistent, accordant, fitting, suitable.]

  1. Suitable; easy; appropriate; qualified; well-adapted to performance of its functions.
  2. Accessible; handy; within easy reach; favorable to one's comfort; near by in place; available at the right time.
  3. Effortless; simple; comfortable; easy.

converge (-s), v. [L. converg-ere, incline together.]

Gather; congregate; convene; close in around; come together at a single point from different starting locations.

conversation, n. [ME < L. conversātiōn-em, frequent abode, intercourse.]

Communication; dialogue; familiar discourse; exchange of ideas; social dealings with others; speech conducted between two or more parties.

conversion, n. [Fr. < L. conversiōn-em, turning around.] (webplay: change).

Transformation; translation; alteration; change in character; revision of one's nature; action of turning into something else.

convert, n. [OFr < L. convertere, turn about, turn in character or nature, transform, translate.]

Devotee; follower; new disciple; newly changed person; recent adherent to a religious covenant; [fig.] lover; aficionado.

convex, adj. [L. convexus, vaulted, arched, rounded.] (webplay: concave).

Outward; exterior; centrifugal; curved out; away from the center; having a shape that bulges towards the observer; [fig.] expanding; diversifying; dispersive; [metaphor] divine; immortal; heavenly; eternal; timeless; future; pertaining to the next life.