Lexicon: choral – chrysalis

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choral (-s), n. [Ger. < med. L. cantus choral-is.]

Hymn; psalm; chant; simple devotional tune; song in unison; [fig.] chorus anthem; choir's musical number.

chorister, n. [ME querestre.] (webplay: church).

Cantor; choir director; person who leads a congregation in sacred music; [fig.] leader of Nature's music.

chose (-n), v. [past tense and past participle forms; see choose, v.]

chosen, verbal adj. [see choose, v.] (webplay: preference, taken).

  1. Favorite; designated; best-loved; singled out in preference.
  2. Appointed; called to serve, suffer, and save; [kenning “Chosen Child”] Christ; Anointed One (see Luke 23:35).

Christ (-'s), proper n. [OE < L. < Gr., trans. of Heb. < m'shiach yahweh, the Lord's Anointed.] (webplay: Savior).

  1. The Maker; the loving Being of the universe; the Godhead member who created the Earth and its inhabitants; [ironic] the “Thief” who takes His creatures home when they die.
  2. The Master; the Lord; the divine teacher; the merciful leader; [Hebrew] Rabboni (see John 20:16-17).
  3. The Mediator; the Suffering Servant; the sacrificial Lamb of God; (see Luke 22:54-62).
  4. The Savior; the Good Shepherd; (see Matthew 14:22-33).
  5. The Guide; [ironic] the Being that leads deceased loved ones from mortality into immortality.
  6. The Pioneer; the One who marks the Way from death to eternal life.
  7. The Judge; the King of heaven; (see Matthew 25:31-40).
  8. The Messiah; the Holy One of Israel; title of Jesus of Nazareth (A.D. 1-33); the Son of God who condescended to come to Earth; sinless son of mortal Mary and immortal God the Father (see Luke 2:11); the Deity who redeems people by atoning for their sins and pains; [Hebrew] the Anointed One.
  9. The Victor; the Deity who laid down His life and rose up again to conquer death through a universal resurrection; (see Isaiah 25:8; 1 Corinthians 15:54-57).

Christian, proper adj. [L.; see Christ.]

God-fearing; having a foundation in the gospel of Jesus Christ (see Acts 11:26); [fig.] religious; pious; humble.

Christmas, proper adj. [see Christmas, proper n.] (webplay: day).

  1. Holiday; seasonal; familial; relating to the celebration of Christ's birth; [fig.] childlike; idyllic; pleasing in a simple way.
  2. Phrase. “Christmas tree”: evergreen plant decorated with lights and ornaments to commemorate the birth of the Son of God; [metonymy] winter holiday in December.

Christmas, proper n. [OE Cristes m├Žsse, Christ's mass.] (webplay: observed).

Winter holiday season; festival of the nativity; celebration of Christ on December 25th; time of friendly greetings and gift-giving.

chronicle, n. [ME.] (webplay: record).

Report; news bulletin; historical record; detailed account; continuous register of events in order of time, date, and year; [fig.] ode; paean; epic poem; troubadour ballad; [kenning “Silver Chronicle”] bird song.

chrysalis, n. [L. < Gk. 'gold colored sheath of butterflies'.] (webplay: butterflies, colors).

Cocoon; silky case; soft shell that covers a pupa in its inactive state; pod of a developing butterfly before it emerges; [fig.] casket; coffin; sepulcher; burial chamber.