Lexicon: chant – charge

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chant (chanted, chanting), v. [Fr. 'sing' < L. can-ere, sing.]

Sing; intone; utter words in musical tones.

chanticleer, n. [OFr < chante-r, sing, crow, + cler, clear.]

Rooster; cock; male fowl that loudly crows at dawn every morning.

chaos (-es), n. [L. < Gk. caos, vast gulf or chasm, abyss, empty space, first state of the universe < ca-, yawn, gape.] (webplay: existed, order, power).

  1. Oblivion; limbo; nil; zero; the void; the abyss; infinite emptiness; state of nothingness that allegedly existed prior to an ordered universe; [fig.] numbness; meaninglessness; insignificance; lack of feeling.
  2. Confusion; disorder; breakdown; bedlam; pandemonium; falling apart; [fig.] dissolution; dismemberment; disintegration; decay; decomposition; effect of death; [fig.] serpent that tries to overcome creation; dragon that plots to overthrow gods and humans.

chapeaux (chapeau), n. [L. Latin cappa, cloak; see chapel, n.]

Veil; hat; head covering; [fig.] halo; aura; glory; nimbus; radiance; sunset glow; shining atmosphere; [word play on “chapel”] church; sanctuary; place to worship; [metaphor] grave; place to bury the dead.

chapel, n. [ME < late L. cappella, little cloak or cape < the cloak of St. Martin, a sacred relic that the Frankish kings carried into battle; the name of the sanctuary in which the cappella or 'chaplains' preserved the holy relic.]

Community church; place of worship; building for worship smaller than a cathedral.

chapter, n. [OFr < L. caput, head.] (webplay: book).

Individual text; division of a book; [fig.] section; part of a whole.

character, n. [ME < Gk. χαρακτήρ, instrument for marking, distinctive mark or nature.]

Disposition; make-up; nature; combination of emotional, intellectual, and moral qualities that distinguishes an individual.

charcoal, n. [uncertain origin.]

Carbon; black material produced from the burning of wood; natural fuel substance that can endure for a long time.

charge, n. [Fr.] (webplay: bearers, entry, expression, solemnity).

  1. Excitement; thrill; stir of energy within.
  2. Dependant; ward; person who relies on another for support.
  3. Rush; swift advance; [fig.] attack; assault; onslaught.

charge (-d), v. [OFr < L. carricare, to load < carr-us, car, wagon.] (webplay: cavalry, figures, musket, nation, pane, thick, transactions, trust).

  1. Confront; oppose; face; struggle against; move swiftly to deal with.
  2. Call; commission; dispatch; send on an errand.
  3. Accuse; complain about; make an accusation against.
  4. Bid; command; direct; enjoin; order; request earnestly.