Lexicon: constitute – consummated

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constitute (-d), v. [L. 'set up, post, establish, appoint, ordain'.]

  1. Consider; make; establish as.
  2. Be; exist as.
  3. Form; compose; make up.

constrain (-ed), v. [OFr < L. constring-ere, tie tightly together, compress by tying.]

Force; compel; oblige; cause by strong outside force.

construct (-ed, -s), v. [L. 'heap together, pile up, build'.] (webplay: set).

Make; create; craft; fashion; assemble; put together; cause to exist; form by uniting the elements of an object in the appropriate place, time, and order.

consulate, n. [L. consulāt-us]

Embassy; agency for government diplomacy; organization set up in a foreign country to protect the rights of its citizens; institute that aids commerce between countries; establishment that provides a channel of communication between two governments; building that houses an embassador and staff.

consult (-ing, -s), v. [L. consultā-re, take counsel, ask counsel of; see counsel, n.] (webplay: house).

  1. Talk to; confer with; ask the advice of; hear the opinion of.
  2. Look at; observe for the purpose of collecting information.

consume, v. [L. consūm-ere, take up completely, make away with, eat up, devour, waste, destroy, spend, bestow.] (webplay: days, fire).

  1. Burn; devour; reduce to ashes; totally destroy, especially by fire; [fig.] shine; glow; radiate brilliant sunset colors.
  2. Engulf; overpower; overwhelm; take over.
  3. Burn; [fig.] be transfigured; be totally overcome; be transformed by a power greater than oneself; be changed fundamentally from mortal elements to immortal being.

consumed, verbal adj. [see consume, v.]

  1. Eaten; ingested; devoured.
  2. Destroyed; burned; swallowed up in destruction; overcome by death.

consummate, adj. [L. consummāt-us, brought to the highest degree, perfect, complete.] (webplay: day, end, perfect).

  1. Complete; overwhelming; carried to the utmost degree.
  2. Knowledgeable; perfect; superlative; qualified to pass judgment.
  3. Final; complete; authoritative; all-inclusive.

consummate (-d), v. [see consummate, adj.] (webplay: happiness).

  1. Complete; accomplish; finish by fulfilling intentions.
  2. End; finish; bring to a close.
  3. Fulfill; come to a climax; seal by full physical contact; [fig.] accomplish; realize; execute; achieve the purpose of.

consummated, verbal adj. [see consummate, adj.]

Completed; achieved; finished; fulfilled in natural purposes; reaching full potential in creation; [fig.] romantically fulfilled; sexually complemented; having achieved physical union.