Lexicon: conform – conjuror

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conform, v. [Fr.] (webplay: appearance, church, qualities).

Fit; adapt; tailor; mold; fashion; model; make after a pattern; change in order to keep a high standard for.

confront (-s, -ing), v. [Fr. confronte-r; see affront, v.]

Face resolutely; unwaveringly stand before; meet with a sense of defiance.

confuse (-d), v. [Fr. confus, L. confus-us.]

Disorient; mix-up; cause to make an error of judgement.

confusion, n. [ME and OFr; see confuse, v.] (webplay: argument).

Bewilderment; perplexity; non-understanding; lack of recognition.

congeal (-ed), v. [ME congele(n) < L. congelāre, to freeze together.] (webplay: cold, frost).

Solidify; freeze; go from a dynamic to a static state; [fig.] stop seeing; lose vision; go blind because of death.

congenial, adj. [L. congeniāl-is; see genial, adj. and genius, n.]

  1. Natural; pleasant; agreeable; sociable.
  2. Welcoming; agreeable; adaptable; having favorable conditions.

conjecture (-'s), n. [Fr. < L. conjectūra, throwing or casting together.] (webplay: fact, guess, possibility).

Speculation; inference; guess; imagination; notion not totally grounded in fact; [fig.] hope; faith.

conjecture (-ed, -ing), v. [see conjecture, n.] (webplay: fact, throwing).

  1. Infer; imagine; consider; think of; hope for; have faith in; entertain in the imagination.
  2. Speculate; guess; suppose; surmise; put forth an opinion based on slight evidence.

conjugate, v. [L. conjugāre, to yoke together.]

Modulate; change; alter; derive; [grammar] inflect; vary the form of a verb in order to express person, number, tense, mood, aspect, voice, agreement, etc. (coincides with “syllable” in J811/Fr798); [word play] duplicate; double; imitate; replicate; bisect; conjoin; (coincides with “Flower”).

conjuror, n. [L. conjūrātor.]

Magician; wizard; one who supposedly causes things to appear by supernatural power; [ironic] one who deceives; one who misleads; [metaphor] Creator; Deity.