Lexicon: clan – classify

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clan (-s), n. [Gaelic clann, family, stock, race < L. planta, sprout, shoot, scion, slip.]

Group; family; kindred; tribe; association of persons claiming descent from a common ancestor.

clap (-s), v. [ME.] (webplay: hands).

  1. Shut; close off; [fig.] silence.
  2. Phrase. “clap my hands”: applaud; strike the palms of the hands together to express delight; create noise by slapping both hands together to show approval.

clarified, verbal adj. [see clarify, v.]

Clear; transparent; refined; free from impurity.

clarify (clarified, clarifies, -ing), v. [OFr < late L. clarificare, make clear.]

Elucidate; illuminate; refine; make clear.

clasp (-s), n. [see clasp, v.]

Fastener; brooch; buckle; closing mechanism on a piece of jewelry; [fig.] closure; encore; final display.

clasp (-s), v. [appeared in the 14th c.; origin obscure.] (webplay: arms, covers, hand, hold, shut).

  1. Touch; meet; reach to; [referring to a pair of mittens.]
  2. Seal; claim; [fig.] espouse; become as one with.
  3. Clutch; grasp; grip; enclose; enfold; hold tightly; [fig.] possess.
  4. Grab; cling to; latch onto.
  5. Meet; cover; [fig.] embrace; hug.

clasped, verbal adj. [see clasp, v.] (webplay: book, close, fingers, hand, small, stem).

  1. Bound; secured; held closely; tied down tightly.
  2. Locked; shut; [fig.] sealed; stilled by death.

class (-es), n. [17th c. < Fr. classe.] (webplay: scientific).

  1. Genre; species; scientific division; set of things grouped together due to common characteristics.
  2. Rank; grade; status; division of society; group of people.

classic (-s), n. [Fr. classique, or L. classic-us, of the highest class, of the first order.]

Greek author; Latin writer; famous epic poet; [fig.] book; masterpiece; great work; literary work of acknowledged excellence.

classify, v. [modern word < L. class-is, class.] (webplay: scientifically).

Categorize; order; group; sort by kind; arrange by type; make a taxonomy of; distribute into groups according to a system; [fig.] name; identify.