Lexicon: conclude – condescend

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conclude (concluding, -s), v. [L. conclud-ere, to shut up closely, close, end.] (webplay: conscience, decide, figures, houses, justified, last, revelation, touching, true).

  1. Finish; end; complete.
  2. Decide; determine; come to an understanding of.
  3. Cease; die; halt with finality.

concluded, verbal adj. [see conclude, v.] (webplay: finish, make, settle, together, world).

  1. Finished; completed.
  2. Enclosed; finite; closed off; shut up.

conclusion, n. [Fr. < L. conclūdere, to conclude.] (webplay: faith, finish, grave, infer, last, make, speech, world).

  1. Termination; close; completion; resolution; death.
  2. Decision; deduction; judgment; statement arrived at by reasoning.

conclusive, adj. [late L. conclūsīv-us; see conclude.]

Final; definitive; authoritative; official; fixed; immovable; widely accepted as correct.

concomitant, adj. [L. concomitānt-em.]

Accompanying; attendant; going together.

condemn (-ed), v. [ME < L. condem(p)nāre, condemn, convict, sentence.] (webplay: believeth, sins).

  1. Sentence; find guilty.
  2. Damn; doom; relegate to perdition; [fig.] threaten; intimidate.

condemned, verbal adj. [see condemn, v.] (webplay: death, judge, sea).

  1. Doomed; found guilty.
  2. Censured; denied.

condense (-s), v. [Fr. < L. condensus, thick, dense; see dense, adj.]

Thicken; collect; settle; gather; come together.

condensed, verbal adj. [see condense, v.]

Concentrated; dense; compact; compressed.

condescend (condescended), v. [Fr. < L. condēscend-ere, stoop; see descend, v.] (webplay: friend, high).

Deign; consent; submit to inferiors; humbly draw near to another; voluntarily descend to a lower station in life; willingly go beneath one's normal level of dignity; [fig.] agree; be approachable.