Lexicon: cupidity – current

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cupidity, n. [Fr. < L. cupiditāt-em, passionate desire.]

Desire; longing; coveting; eagerness; [word play on “Cupid”] animal appetite; [fig.] motivation to acquire pollen.

curdle (-ed), v. [ME crud]

Thicken; congeal; clot; coagulate; ruin; turn from liquid to solid.

cureless, adj. [OFr < L. cūra, care.]

Incurable; without remedy; unable to be healed; [fig.] relentless; persistent; lasting.

curiosity, n. [OFr curioseté; see curious, adj.] (webplay: concerns, know, practiced, town, turn, work).

  1. Inquisitiveness; wondering; questioning; feeling of interest; desire for information; disposition to inquire; attitude of wanting knowledge.
  2. Oddity; peculiarity; unusual thing; thing that is interesting because of its strangeness.

curious, adj. [OFr < L. cūriōs-us, full of care or pains, careful, assiduous, inquisitive.] (webplay: art, know, mind, new, please, town, turn).

  1. Inquiring; inquisitive; interested; eager to learn; desiring to investigate.
  2. Intriguing; interesting; strange; odd; unique; enigmatic; multi-faceted.

curl (-s), n. [Danish kroller, to curl, crisp.] (webplay: hair, seas, turn).

  1. Ringlet; strand; lock of hair cut as a souvenir.
  2. Thin spiral leaf; helix-like stem on a plant; whorl-like projection of an entwining vine.
  3. Wave; undulation in water; swell in the ocean.
  4. Phrase. “Frocks and Curls”: dresses and hair styles; [merism] little girls who once lived; well-groomed young women who used to be alive.

curl (-ed, -s), v. [ME crull.] (webplay: corner, dress, smoke, wood).

Loop; curve; roll; bend.

curling, verbal adj. [see curl, v.] (webplay: air, hair, roll, seas, waves).

Wavy; forming into ringlets.

currency, n. [L. currentia < currere, to run.]

Money; medium of exchange; thing of value that can be exchanged for something else.

current, adj. [see current, n.]

Contemporary; up-to-date; at the same chronological level; on the same level.