Lexicon: county – courtesy

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county (counties), n. [AFr. counté, land belonging to a territorial lord < L. comitātus, a body of companions.]

District; province; territory; geographic area of land; political boundary; administrative division smaller than a state but larger than a city.

couple, n. [OFr < L. cōpula, band, tie, connection.]

Pair; twosome; wife and husband; man and woman; two people who are married to each another.

courage, n. [ME < L. corāticum < L. cor, heart.] (webplay: brave).

  1. Phrase. “Courage!”: keep going; press forward; face the unknown without shrinking; [imperative form] have courage; be courageous.
  2. Phrase: “Take courage”: fear not; be brave; take heart; do not be afraid.

courier (-s), n. [blend of two words: (1) ME corour < L. currere, to run; and (2) Fr. courier < med. L. currerius, professional runner, post, messenger.]

Messenger; one who carries information; person who delivers something; [fig.] Muse; oracle; angel; revelator.

course, n. [Fr. < L. cursu-m, running, race < L. currere, to run.] (webplay: advancing, indefinitely, light, sails).

  1. Way; route; track; [fig.] year; cycle of 365 days.
  2. Phrase. “Of course”: naturally; certainly; to be expected; following the proper protocol.

courser (-s), n. [OFr < L. currere, to run; see course, n.]

Runner; racer; swift steed; powerful war horse.

court, n. [early ME curt < L. cohort-em, court, crowd of attendants, retinue.] (webplay: gain, highest, king, sovereign).

Palace; king's residence; sovereign's domain; ruler's dwelling place; place where royalty meets with subjects; [fig.] kingdom of heaven; [metaphor] judgment bar.

court, v. [see court, n.] (webplay: art, highest, justice, marriage, sovereign, vain, woo).

Romance; solicit; pursue romantically; seek attention from; show oneself desirous of; attempt to gain the affections of; pay amorous attention to with an idea of a future marriage; [fig.] touch; relate to; interact with.

courteous, adj. [OFr; see court, n.]

Kind; polite; civil; following established social etiquette; respectful of the feelings of others.

courtesy (courtesies), n. [OFr; see court, n.] (webplay: politeness).

  1. Kindness; civility; good manners; social obligation; courteous behavior.
  2. Acknowledgment; respect; recognition.
  3. Curtsey; reverence in ballet; inclination of the body to acknowledge a royal personage at court.