Lexicon: came – candidate

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came, v. [see come, v.; past tense form.]

camel (-'s), n. [Late OE < L. < Gk < Arab. jamala, to bear.]

Beast of burden; large four-legged desert animal; hornless quadruped used for transport in western Asia and northern Africa; hump-backed creature that can go long distances without water; (see Matthew 19:24); [kenning “Camel's trait”] abstinence; temperance.

camest, v. [see come, v.; second person singular verb form.]

camp, n. [OE < L. camp-us, field of contest or combat.]

Bivouac; fortified site; temporary quarters; place of intrenchment; outdoor residence for a military group; ground where soldiers pitch their tents.

campaign, n. [Fr. campagne, country, open country, field.] (webplay: soldier).

  1. Crusade; military operation; martial action; conflict in war; [fig.] effort; exertion; endeavor; purpose; travail; hard work.
  2. Fight; struggle; contest; confrontation; battle front; [fig.] storm.

can (can'st), v. [OE cunnan, know, know how, be mentally or intellectually able, have the physical power to do; modal auxiliary for conditional or subjunctive mood, supporting a non-finite main verb; see could, v.] (webplay: ability, acquaintance, bear, become, comprehending, contain, create, cunning, endure, experience, fashion, fit, force, form, hold, know, plant, power, prepared, produce, prove, right, skillful, strain, stretch, try, understand).

  1. Might; have the capacity to.
  2. Be able to; have the possibility to.
  3. Will; be willing to.
  4. Shall; be possible.
  5. Could; be mentally able to; have the mental ability to.
  6. Be emotionally able to; have the physical strength to do.
  7. May; be feasible to; be possible to.
  8. Have the potential to.
  9. Have the authority to.
  10. Have the power to.
  11. Have the opportunity to.

Canaan, proper n. [Heb. ןענכ, low, humble, subdued.]

Ancient western Palestine; land that Jehovah promised to Abraham and his descendants; place where Moses led the Israelites but was not able to enter himself (see Joshua 22:9 and ED letters); [fig.] inheritance; paradise; promised land; anticipated blessing.

cancel (-ed, -led), v. [Fr. < L. 'make lattice-wise, cross out a writing'.]

  1. Wilt; deface; disfigure; cause to droop.
  2. Annihilate; annul; repeal; end; finish; void; nullify; obliterate; blot out; stop from its purpose; [fig.] neutralize; cause to die.

candid, adj. [L. 'white, glistening'.]

Straightforward; visible; perceptible; characterized by openness; having obvious motives; inclined to act honestly; [fig.] pure; clean; clear; stainless; innocent; deathless; incorruptible; absolute; enlightened.

candidate (-s), n. [L. candidat-us, clothed in white; those who sought offices in Rome wore a white gown.]

  1. Applicant; hopeful person; one waiting to be chosen; [fig.] word choice; vocabulary option; lexical item; dictionary entry; [metaphor] Christ; Redeemer; crucified Savior; Lord on the cross.
  2. Aspirant; nominee; chosen one; person who seeks to be among the Lord's elect; prospective member of the Congregational Church in New England.
  3. Possibility; person running for election; [fig.] person who will be resurrected from the dead.