Lexicon: crust – cuff

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crust, n. [L. crusta, hard surface, rind, shell, incrustation.]

Piece; scrap; hard outer covering of a loaf of bread, as opposed to “crumb.”

Cruz, proper n. [see Vera Cruz, proper n.]

cry, n. [Fr.] (webplay: bitter, bread, child, tears, threatening).

  1. Call; appeal; request; entreaty; impassioned plea.
  2. Shout; yell; exclamation; excited utterance; [fig.] warble; trill; birdsong.

cry (cried), v. [Fr. < L. quirītāre, raise a plaintive cry, wail, scream, bewail, lament; originally, to implore the aid of the Quirītes, or Roman citizens.] (webplay: child, ears, giveth, joy, lives, lost, prayed, prayer, shake, voice, woman's).

  1. Say; exclaim; call out; utter in a loud voice.
  2. Sob; weep; lament; shed tears.

crypt (-s), n. [L. crypta, a vault.]

Haven; cave; hiding-place; secret chamber.

crystal, adj. [OFr < L. < Gk. κρύσταλλος, clear ice.] (webplay: divisible, mountain, solid).

Clear; transparent; delicate.

cube (-s), n. [Fr. < L. < Gk. κύβος, cube; originally, a die for playing with.]

  1. Block; square; element; hexahedron; solid figure contained by six equal squares; geometric shape consisting of eight regular right angles.
  2. Answer; result; [mathematics] third power; [fig.] promise; blessing; true meaning; revelation for the mystery of.

cubit (-s, -'s), n. [L. cubitum, the elbow, the distance from the elbow to the finger-tips.] (webplay: arm).

Measurement; distance from elbow to the tip of the middle finger; ancient measure of length used frequently in the Bible (see Genesis 6:15-16; Matthew 6:27).

cuckoo, n. [Fr. coucou, imitating the cry of the bird.] (webplay: season).

Fortune-telling bird native to Europe; male bird that has a distinctive mating call.

cuff (-s), n. [origin uncertain]

Bottom fold of a sleeve; ornamental end of a pant leg; band of material on the end of the sleeve or pant leg; [fig.] low-lying band of sunset color in the clouds on the horizon.