Lexicon: coeval – coil

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coeval, adj. [L. coæv-us, of the same age.]

Concurrent; contemporary; of the same age; beginning at the same time; [fig.] ancient; age-old; pre-mortal; long time ago.

coeval, adv. [see coeval, adj.]

Together; simultaneously; as companions; in unison; at the same time.

coffee, adj. [Ar. qahwah; said by Arab lexicographers to have originally meant 'wine.'] (webplay: cup).

Phrase. “Coffee Cup”: mug; container for drinking the hot beverage made from coffee beans.

coffer (-s), n. [Me cofre < Gk. kophinos, basket; see coffin, n.]

Chest; strong box in which riches are kept; [word play on “coffin”] burial casket.

coffin, n. [ME < OFr cofin, little basket, case < Gk. kophinos.]

Casket; box for burial; container for a dead person's body; [fig.] desolation; empty place.

cog (-s), n. [ME cogge, found from 13th c.] (webplay: wheels).

Tooth; notch; part of a wheel that interlocks with other parts to cause motion or receive motion; [plural] time; mortality; life cycles.

cohere, v. [L. cohær-ere, cleave together.]

Cleave; unite; draw near; stick together; [fig.] be close to; be attracted to; transform to become like; wear the similitude of.

cohesive, adj. [L. cohæs-, ppl. stem of cohærēre, cohere.]

Steadfast; binding; bonded; connected; holding fast; with as much sealing power as; [fig.] embodied; incarnate; alive; having the body and the soul united in life; [metaphor] faithful; constant; consonant; concordant.

coil, n. [see coil, v.]

Whorl; roll; spiral; rope; [fig.] length of spider web.

coil, v. [Fr. cueillir, gather, collect, cull.]

Twist; curl; encircle; wind around; gather in a ring.