Lexicon: corkless – coronet

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corkless, n. [see cork, n.]

Open jar of liquid; beverage container without a stopper; [fig.] active one; accessible thing; one that is available; form ready for experience.

corn, n. [OE < Germanic kurnóm, grain, corn < IE ger, wear down, waste away; thus, a 'worn-down' particle.] (webplay: feet, field, food, season, seed, single, year).

  1. Grain; cereal; wheat, barley, or other edible grass crop; [fig.] harvest; food crop; field of ripe grain.
  2. Maize; plant native to the Americas; stalks bearing heads of sweet grain; cobs having small yellow kernels covered by silky tassels and leafy husks.

corner (-s), n. [ME.] (webplay: head, meet, place, streets).

  1. Intersection point; crossroad section; place where two ways meet in a convex angle.
  2. Juncture; point where walls meet in a concave angle; diminishing space formed by the joining of two walls; [fig.] seclusion; privacy; secret place; hidden spot; point that escapes notice.

cornet (-s), n. [OFr < L. cornū, horn.] (webplay: Lord, runs).

Brass horn; music maker of the trumpet class; musical instrument used to play military or royal fanfare; [metonymy] blast of loud music.

cornice, n. [Fr. and It.]

Entablature; highest projection; roof corner; uppermost part of a column; small projecture in masonry; part of a structure just below the roof; [fig.] grave vault; lid of a casket.

corolla, n. [L. < L. corōna, crown.] (webplay: flower).

Whorl of brightly colored leaves; circle of petals forming the inner envelope of a flower; [fig.] bright display of sunset light.

coronal, n. [Fr. < L. corōna, crown.]

Crown; gold circlet; royal headpiece; [fig.] garland; wreath of flowers; [metonymy] coronation; ceremony of crowning; endowment of a royal status; promotion to a more elevated position; [metaphor] resurrection; sanctification.

coronation, n. [OFr < L. corōnāre, to crown; see crown, n.] (webplay: crown, crowning).

Crowning; act of being made a king or queen; ceremonial placement of a royal diadem on someone's head; [fig.] confirmation; endowment; installation; transfiguration; epiphany; spiritual election.

coroner, n. [AFr. coruner < custos placitorum coronæ, guardian of the pleas of the crown; see crown, n.] (webplay: death).

Undertaker; one who investigates unusual deaths.

coronet, n. [OFr coronete, dim. of corone, crown.]

Chaplet; laurel wreath; little crown; decorative headdress; [fig.] blessing; heavenly reward; sign of honor; token of promotion to a higher rank.