Lexicon: cherished – chiefly

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cherished, verbal adj. [see cherish, v.] (webplay: heart, warmed).

Beloved; esteemed; treasured; valuable; priceless; [fig.] made beautiful by love.

cherishing, n. [see cherish, v.]

Affection; care; love.

cherry (cherries), n. [ME chery < ONFr. cherise.]

Small round fruit; red, yellow, or black berry-like food that grows in trees.

cherubic, adj. [OE and ME cherubin < Heb. k'rūb.] (webplay: creatures, deity).

  1. Delicate; airy; filmy; gauzy; fragile; [pejorative] childish; infantile; jejune; immature; hyper-sensitive; like a baby; fat, frilly, and fearful.
  2. Angelic; [fig.] musical.

cherubim, n. [see cherubic, adj.] (webplay: face, Jehovah, keep, life, seat, seraphs, spirits, wings).

  1. Messengers; types of angel; spirits that announce the presence of God; [fig.] wings of the wind (see 2 Samuel 22:11; Psalm 18).
  2. Angels; beings in the celestial hierarchy who are next in order to seraphs; those who keep guard of the tree of life with a flaming sword (see Genesis 3:24); hieroglyphical images; emblematic figures embroidered on the veils of the tabernacle (see Exodus 25); [fig.] skillful.
  3. Holy creatures; angelic images in Ezekiel's vision; beings with wings, the hands of a man, and four heads, each with the face of a bull, a man, a lion, and an eagle (see Ezekiel 4, 10).
  4. Two golden angels at the ends of the mercy seat; winged figures that face each other; images between which Deity appeared (Exodus 20).

chestnut, n. [OFr < L. castanea, chestnut.] (webplay: grows, nut).

Reddish-brown nut from a tree of the genus Castanea.

chid, v. [past tense form; see chide.]

chide (chid), v. [OE chid-an.]

Blame; rebuke; reproach; scold; utter words in anger; criticize for fault; hold accountable for negligence.

chief (-er, -est), adj. [ME < L. caput, head.] (webplay: borne, distinguished, divine, hand, highest, quality, side).

  1. Large amount; most in number.
  2. Foremost; utmost; highest; principal; eminent; most important; much valued; having the most influence.
  3. Phrase. “in chief”: ultimate; most intense; most eminent.

chiefly, adv. [see chief, adj.] (webplay: largest).

Mainly; principally; in the first place; for the most part.